The best pajamas. Ok, I’ve tried so hard to be a classy grown up and wear real pajamas. But every single time I try, I end up back in my old t-shirts (or usually old men’s t-shirts! and comfy underwear). I get hot at night, I hate feeling constricted, and hate stiff materials. This is literally the first pair of pajamas that I would choose OVER that. I love them so much and want SMYMM to make them in a million colors! They’re pretty over-sized, I’m wearing a small here but could also do an XS. The material is buttery soft and stretchy…seriously perfect. Get them here

Most comfortable pajamas | Show me your mumu
Most comfortable pajamas | Show me your mumu

Music from my little brother. I used to be SO into finding new music for myself, and lately I just end up in ruts listening to the same thing over and over. I love when my brothers come to town and pay their music in my car. This last week, Caleb played me a few songs I now have on repeat. They aren’t all new, but I forgot about the older ones and I like them all over again ;).

  • Sedona by Houndmouth
  • Water on the Moon – Aer
  • Hallucenogenics – Matt Mason
  • When I’m Down – Whethan, Oliver Tree

A new single. Also…Kip Moore released a new song last night! She’s Mine. He just gets better and better and better!

Different versions of yourself. I think about this all the time on my own, but recently my mom and I have actually been talking about it as well. I have never seen it put into words the way that I think about it, but I saw this this week and it came really close. So comforting and unsettling all at once! Ha!

a different version of you exists

And then, of course, I couldn’t help but think how much I care about the version of me that my girls see. So I tried to play a little longer with them this week and pay a little more attention. They have so many new words everyday and are such fun little people to hang out with. Some of our favorite things to do this week were….

  • Eating these popsicles. (I love that they’e less messy for the girls than ones with a stick!)
  • Playing on their new splashpad.
  • Dancing. It’s always a dance party over here!

Happy Friday!