Give me alllll the Guests: Hosting with Walmart Home!

Walmart Home | Palms to Pines | Guest Room
It makes me so happy that people are back to traveling, because that inevitably means I’m back to hosting them! If you know me, you know that I love having people in my home. I live for it! And it’s a running joke in my family that I have someone staying here more than not, whether it’s family or close friends. I’ve always wanted my home to be a place for people to gather (obsessed…
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New Stuff at the Pool from Walmart Home

Walmart Kid's Patio Furniture
Walmart Home for the win with these cute chairs! I’ve been putting off buying patio/pool furniture since we moved, and then someone asked if I’d looked at Walmart. They have so many good/trendy pieces at really great prices! Trust me – go to the Walmart Home section on their site – you’ll have so much fun browsing! Romy and Piper are already obsessed with these chairs – they like to put them together and put…
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My Favorite Pajamas

Best Pajama Sets in all price ranges
I’m REALLY trying to be an adult here by wearing classy pajamas to bed (and let’s be honest, not just to bed because we are in a pandemic and I’m mostly home!) In order to choose actual pajamas over my usual soft-old-tee-and-underwear combo, they’ve got to be good ones! I rounded up a ton of my favorites below, ranging from $20 sets to…expensive ;). My sister gifted me this amazing washable silk set for Christmas…
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Making the Switch: From Cribs to Toddler Beds

Switching from Cribs to Toddler Beds
We FINALLY made the switch from cribs to toddler beds last month, and I’m here to tell you all about it! First of all, I have no regrets about how long I kept Romy and Piper in their cribs. They turned three in September, and I suddenly felt so much pressure to transition them to beds. While I’m glad I went ahead and did it, I do think I could have kept them in cribs…
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My Home (Furniture & Decor)

Palms to Pines Home Decor and Furniture
Scroll below for links to specific home decor/furniture items in my house! I’ll keep updating this page as a resource for you to find the things you see in my feed/stories ;). Main Living Area Bedroom Keep checking back for more! xx Jen
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Shopbop Fall Event

I get so excited for the Shopbop Fall Event – it’s such an amazing sale and it starts today. When you use code FALL20 at checkout, you can take 15% off when you spend $200+, 20% off when you spend $500+ and 25% off of $800+. As the weather changes it’s the perfect time to get some quality fall staples! Here are some of my favorites from the event: I just bought this black maxi…
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Romy & Piper’s 3rd Birthday Party, Toy Story Style

Twins 3rd birthday - Toy Story party theme
I remember our friends having to cancel their twins’ birthday party back in March, and thinking “Thank goodness Romy and Piper’s birthday is so far away, this will all be over by then.” Uh, nope! Here we are in September, and having a really big kid birthday party still sounds like a dumb idea. When I realized we couldn’t do our usual big party (we did a big breakfast/cowgirl bash at Zoomars for their first…
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The Pool Fence

Pool Safety Fence - Katchakid
Since the day we moved in to the new house, the pool (and lack of pool fence) has been a hot topic of conversation both within my family and in my DMS ;). I always intended on getting one, but it actually took a little longer than I expected to research, gather bids, and schedule an installation. Those first few weeks living here without a pool fence were stressful! The girls can’t swim yet, so…
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Morning Routines

Yoga Morning Routine
As I’ve settled in to the new house, I’ve also settled in to a new morning routine. Without childcare out here (ugh, I miss our babysitter so much!), my mornings are more valuable than ever! Waking up Earlier I’m getting up earlier, which is easier because I’m sleeping SO much better our here. It’s SO quiet (except for the crickets, frogs, and occasional owl hooting) and so dark without the street lights. Guys – we…
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Closet System

IKEA Pax Closet System - Custom - Palms to Pines
I never did post the details about my closet from our old house, and it was honestly because I never finished organizing/styling it the way I wanted to before we had to move. But I did LOVE the system I used and have received so many questions about it, which I have mostly left unanswered thinking I would eventually post about it. Now we are in the new house, and the room I originally thought…
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