Toddler Parent Hacks we are Currently Using

Toddler parent hacks
Anyone who’s seen me lately knows I’m tired (probably just by looking at me!) I honestly didn’t think having twins was that hard, until they learned to walk. Chasing them around now is exhausting, and if you look away for a second they’re into something dangerous. There are a lot of things that I’d do if I had one baby, but can’t physically manage with two. They don’t want to be in a stroller anymore,…
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Favorites Under $100

FP Alexis Set | Comfy Sweatshirt and Skirt Set
I just ordered five things from Free People that I ended up loving – each under $100! Have you guys bought from their “Beach” line before? Sometimes I like to go on the site and just shop “FP Beach” – it’s usually less expensive and super comfy! I bought this dress in two colors, this set in two colors, and this romper. This set is SO soft and comfy – I’ve literally worn it for…
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PTSD and NICU Parents

Birth story | Preemie Twins born at 30 weeks | NICU
Recently a family member sent me an article from the Wall Street Journal entitled, For Parents of Ill Children, a Growing Recognition of PTSD. As I read the article, I couldn’t help but cry. I felt so validated for so many feelings I’ve had over the last 18 months, and so much less alone to be able to put specifics words (and a scientific study) to those feelings. PTSD and the NICU PTSD in soldiers who’ve seen…
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My Favorite Options for FAST and FREE Shipping

Fast and Free Shipping | Shopbop | Knot Sisters | Coral Jumpsuit
I didn’t really love shopping in-store before, but I especially don’t like it now with the girls. I’m NOT a mall person – I will pretty much choose any activity over going to the mall! Another thing I don’t love? Waiting for items to ship. I want it FAST and I want it FREE ;). I am still in awe of how reliable/fast shipping has become. Here are my favorite places to order who really…
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White for Spring | Best White Dresses and Jumpsuits

White Dress | Knot Sisters Blossom Dress | Beek Vitamin A Palila Slide Sandals
I’m all about black in winter, and ready to break out the white come spring! Wearing white can be tough with babies, but I refuse to give it up. If you’ve got messy babies too, just check and make sure it’s machine washable before you buy ;). I love wearing white now that we’re starting to have some sunny days, and also love the idea of wearing it for Easter, too! The white dress below…
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The Perfect Baby Gift | Still Novel

Since I’ve become so familiar with baby stuff/gear, I’m asked daily for baby gift ideas. Embarrassingly enough, this is a question I have a hard time answering. It’s tough to find something to give someone that they don’t already have, that they will actually use, and that will hold some sort of meaning. I was so excited when I received framed prints from Still Novel, because they’re so unique and special. When I received my own…
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Changing Diapers | Parasol Diapers + Wipes

I admit I’m an extremely sentimental person, and it’s been interesting (to say the least) to see how it plays out now that I have babies. Especially considering the fact that my babies spent the first three months of their lives in the hospital. Someone should probably do some kind of study on the weird things that’s done to me ;). It sounds weird, but one of the things I’ve become really attached to are…
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Tried and True – Favorite Hair Care Products

5 Products I Love | Hair, Skin, Natural Deodorant
I’m SUCH a creature of habit, and SO loyal to the products I love. I’ve said this before, but as a result it takes a lot for me to add products in to my lineup. Bad for business as a blogger, but I like to think it’s good for my hair/skin ;). I LOVE my current regime for my hair and realized I’ve never fully shared it – so here it is!    Washing Shampoo –…
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Brushing Baby/Toddler Teeth

You GUYS – this stresses me out!! I’m posting about it in case you feel the same way. My babies got their first teeth SO early – I think their first bottom teeth poked through when they were only 4 months old, which for them adjusted is less that 2 months. How crazy is that? And after that they all came so fast, so that now at 18 months they have all but their two…
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