Since the day we moved in to the new house, the pool (and lack of pool fence) has been a hot topic of conversation both within my family and in my DMS ;). I always intended on getting one, but it actually took a little longer than I expected to research, gather bids, and schedule an installation. Those first few weeks living here without a pool fence were stressful! The girls can’t swim yet, so it was hard to get anything done while they were awake because I had to watch them SO closely ALL the time.


Since so many of you have asked, I figured I’ll save you the work and share who I went with. After looking into the options, I decided to go with Katchakid. They’ve been in the pool safety business forever and are totally the experts here ;). (They also make pool safety nets and covers, if that works better for your home!) Katchakid was super professional and easy to work with. They came out right away to give us a quote and then were able to install the fence the following week. They can also usually quote you using satellite images of your yard, which I thought was so cool, quick and easy.

Pool Safety Fence - Katchakid


As far as price goes, to be honest most companies you talk with will be the same. Katchakid was about $200 less than the other two bids I got, but it was how respected they are in the industry and how nice/easy they were to work with that made me choose them.

Now that we have the fence, I of course still watch the girls, but it gives me SO much peace of mind to have that extra layer of protection. There’s no way they can open or climb the fence on their own, and I love that the gate is self-closing/latching. I was worried that the fence would take away from our yard aesthetically, but it looks much better than I thought and I’m totally used to it now! It’s also nice that were we to have a party or something where we wanted to take it down, you can easily take it down and put it back up.

Pool Safety Fence - Katchakid
You can find my swim suit on sale here, and the girls’ are by Monica and Andy!

Pets and Critters

As far as animals go, we have so many critters around here (our friends out here found a dead bunny in their pool the other morning, ugh!) that it’s nice to keep the wild ones out. It’s also really nice to have extra protection for Lo, our French Bulldog. She’s slipped in a few times, and although she can swim (barely!) she usually has a hard time getting to the steps.

I’ve had a lot of people ask if we will take the fence down when the girls learn to swim. I actually think we will always leave it up, both for Lo and for other little ones that end up at our house. It’s an investment, but it’s so worth it!

Hope that helps!



**Big thanks to Blake’s parents who wanted us to have this fence – love how much you love your grandbabies and want to protect them! And thanks to Caleb, who made this cute video!