Guys – hi! Can I just say that pregnancy is a ROLLER COASTER?! And it just so happens that for us, finding out the gender has been no different. Since our pregnancy is considered high risk (just because of the fact that it’s twins), we get more ultrasounds than most would. Side note – if anyone has thoughts/research regarding the number of ultrasounds you should/shouldn’t get, I’d love to hear it! Right now, this is our reality – lots of ultrasounds.  Which has meant lots of opportunities to see the gender(s) of our babies!

At our twelve week ultrasound, the tech said she would take a guess for us. She guessed both babies, saying that she would be “really surprised” if she were wrong. Her guess happened to be totally opposite what I felt the babies were! Then a couple weeks later, at another ultrasound, Baby B had no problem showing us their gender right away, but Baby A wanted nothing to do with us. After some forced coughs and lots of hip shaking, the tech asked us to come back in an hour. After that hour, she right away told us what she thought the babies were – different than what the first tech had said! Ten minutes later, she changed her mind again. After another ten minutes, she told us to come back in a week. Fast forward to our most recent ultrasound, and we think we have a final answer on both babies. But just to be safe, I think I’ll wait a few weeks until we’ve confirmed with our doctor to share ;).

Can I just say – my favorite part about all of this is that each time we’ve seen the babies, they look healthy and active. I love seeing their little heartbeats and watching them move. Now that they’re getting bigger, they look like they are almost interacting with each other. While they are in their own sacs and have a little wall between them, it still looks like they are cuddling and can feel the other one there.  The last time we saw them they were head to head, and this was my favorite image of them:

These two are already telling secrets 😉

As for me, a lot of people ask me if I can feel them yet. The answer is maybe? I have felt a few slight flutters that I assume is something happening in my stomach but then realize it feels a little different than that. I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll know for sure that it’s them. Part of me is excited to officially feel them, and part of me is afraid of how big they are about to get in there and how much more uncomfortable I’ll get as a I grow.

And I am definitely growing! A lot of people have asked to see the bump, so here it is! And side note – I love wearing a fitted dress with something flowy over it! So comfortable and gives a peek of your bump without feeling like everything’s out for the world to see ;). This kimono from Knot Sisters is going to be on repeat all summer!


Floral Print Kimono | Racer Tank Tan Fitted Dress | White Canvas Sneakers | Nude Nylon/Leather Back | Sunnies Floral Print Kimono | Racer Tank Tan Fitted Dress | White Canvas Sneakers | Nude Nylon/Leather Back | Sunnies

Stay tuned for the genders (or at least what we THINK they are now!) and bigger and bigger bump photos ;).



**Photos by Taryn Kent