“Girlsgiving” | DIY Succulent Pumpkins with Moranda

Succulents and Pumpkin thanksgiving day centerpiece
Last night, my house was full of succulents, pumpkins, girlfriends, food, and one really amazing florist.  It was kind of my dream come true.  You know those super pretty pumpkins with succulents “in” them?  Well my friend Moranda Fielding taught us to make our own, and it was SO fun!  They are the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece and/or gift for whoever is hosting you for Thanksgiving.  And they last for literally weeks, so much more longevity…
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Friendsgiving | 2015

This year, I wanted to start a new tradition here in California with some friends that are family.  We are constantly traveling and leaving this beautiful place we call home, especially for holidays, that sometimes we forget how great it can be to just stay home.  I am so thankful to live here, and feel so grateful and lucky to have friends that we can count on.  Hence – the first annual Friendsgiving at our house…
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R.A.W. Restorations | Reclaimed Wood Art

Since we moved, I’ve been having so much fun deciding what I want our new space to look like.  The thing I was MOST excited about our new place was the guest bedroom – the fact that we now have a comfortable place for people to come stay!  Literally the biggest reason we moved – I love guests! I wanted a piece in the room that would tie together the mismatched furniture.  I’d seen some…
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