I’ve had a few people ask me if the things I post are really things that I like and buy/use myself.  The answer is always YES…so listen up!  In the past, I’ve tried a million things to take care of my face, but have never give much thought to the rest of my skin.  Lately as I’m getting older (yikes!) I’ve been looking for something to ensure some skin longevity ;).  Guys, I am LOVING Skinvolve.  I’ve been using their Starter Kit, which is what I totally recommend.  You get both the Body Boost Gel and the Body Karate Cream together for a good price, and trust me – you want both!  They work together to tone skin, fight cellulite, and hydrate.SKINVOLVE - Palms to Pines

They use ingredients that fight lumps and bumps, including menthol, ginseng, green tea, aloe vera, vitamins a,b,c,e, argan oil, and coffee.  I’m actually SUPER picky about the feel and smell of lotions – I don’t like anything to greasy or stinky.  These feel and smell so clean and fresh, and you can actually FEEL them working when you put them on, which is so weirdly satisfying.

I’ve been using the cream and gel for a month now, so I’ll have to get back to you on the longer-term results.  But I will say, the other day my massage therapist (who probably knows my skin better than anyone at this point) was like “Ok, WHY is your skin so soft!?” right in the middle of my massage.  She said she could see/feel a noticeable difference.

Alright, I will stop sounding like an informercial now and just let you try it.  I contacted Skinvolve, and they said we could all have 10% off with the code JEN10.  So use that and order your starter kit!