Guys!  Where is this week going?  I’ve been offline for a few days as we’ve been moving.  Packing, loading, unloading, unpacking…and oh yeah, we need to set up the internet?  Ha!  Blake and I have just been zombie-ing through the last few days with work and the move…but before all of the madness started, we had a pretty fun weekend in Vegas with my siblings!

My little brother Dane turned 21 on September 16th, so my sister Tahni and her husband planned a little weekend in Vegas for him.  We spent time together, ate lots of good food, and wore heels we normally don’t.  I didn’t take many pictures, partly because I was too busy enjoying the family time, and partly because WHO wants to haul a camera/phone all over Vegas in a dress? 😉

Here’s a little recap of our weekend with a few snaps we got:

Friday night we battled LA-to-Vegas traffic to meet everyone else, who was coming from Utah.  We ate dinner at Julian Serrano, this amazing tapas place in the Aria.  We let the chef pick our food, which was a great decision.  The goodness just kept coming out, plate after plate!Las Vegas | Palms to Pines

After dinner, since my little brother had never been to Vegas, we couldn’t help but walk down to the Bellagio to see the fountains go off.  Then we all went to the new club Omnia to see Krewella perform.  They were so good!  And Omnia is amazing.  They have this chandelier that does some crazy cool stuff, hard to explain unless you see it for yourself!image

The next day we did the breakfast buffet at the Aria.  If you like crab legs, you’d love this buffet.  Then, Tahni and Blake had reserved a daybed by the pool so we lounged by the pool all day to sleep off our huge breakfast.  Also, I won a hula hoop contest!  Which I definitely would have lost had my older sister, Tahni, entered ;).  She taught me all I know when it comes to hula hooping!

Las Vegas | Palms to PinesLas Vegas | Palms to PinesIndah Swimsuit | Electric Sunglasses |Dolce Vita Sandals | James Michelle Large Coin Necklace

That night, they got us tickets to see “O”.  Guys, I had never seen a Cirque show – holy cow!  It was AMAZING.  I highly recommend O – the stage and the water aspect of it are truly amazing.  Add the incredible talents of the performers, and it’s unreal.  I could watch it again and again!

Las Vegas | Palms to PinesLas Vegas | Palms to PinesIndah Romper (or another print here!)

After O we went to dinner at Brand Steakhouse at the Monte Carlo.  It was SO good!  And such a nice spot to chill and talk with everyone.  From what I tried, I highly recommend the Hot Rocks and the Lollipop Wings for appetizers, the Big Lobster and then Tomahawk Rib Eye for main dishes, and the Gnocchi as a side.

After dinner, we checked out Minus 5, this bar that they keep at negative five degrees.  It was pretty fun, wearing fur coats and pretending it was winter for a little bit!  Then we walked around and gambled a bit (meaning I watched other people gamble! Ha!) until we were hungry enough to hit up Shake Shack.  Yep, there’s a SHAKE SHACK in Vegas now!  I know where we’re stopping on our drives to Utah from here on out!

Before we took off the next day, we grabbed coffee and breakfast at a new place called Sambalatte.  The food and coffee were both so good, and it was a fun place to lounge and chat before we had to hit the road.Las Vegas | Palms to Pines

Then we fought traffic for 8 hours to get home, and started moving that night.  Shoot me….;)

Happy happy birthday to my little brother, Dane.  (I really doubt he reads blogs, but Buddy if you ever see this – you are so funny, so talented, and I’m so grateful for you in my life.  You always make me feel good about myself, and you can always make me laugh with that giggle you have.  I love you, can’t wait to see what you do with the next year!!)

And big thanks to Tahni and her husband, Blake, for planning and hosting such a great weekend for us all!

I’m glad to be back online and getting settled in the new place.  Here’s to Wednesdays that feel like Mondays, which isn’t so bad since Friday is only two days away! 😉