Favorite Car Seats…and Stuff

I’ve been asked so many questions about our car seat choices, car accessories, positioning the car seats, what kind of car we have, etc. I decided to finally spill all of the info in one post, so here we go! What kind of car seats do you have? Before the girls were born, I picked out the Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 to start with. We loved it so much (like, a little too much…it…
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Disciplining Toddlers – Is that even a thing?

How to Discipline a Toddler
Hi! So not to sound like an annoying blogger but…after I posted the below photo of Piper with a bag over her head, I literally had hundreds of messages from people asking me to share whatever advice I received ;). SO many people said, “I’m in the same boat, please tell me what you find out!” Anyways, it feels good to know I’m not alone! And neither are you – I’m here to help! I…
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Gorjana Bespoke Collection

I’m a long-time lover of Gorjana, so I was excited to be featured in their Mother’s Day Campaign. See below for the little interview we did together and links to some of my favorite pieces. Your most rewarding moment as a mom Right now my girls are at such a fun age (18 months) where they are learning so much! So lately, it’s been so rewarding for me whenever the girls do new things or…
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Cleobella #BellaBeauty Feature

Cleobella Mommy and Me Dresses | Cleobella Littles | Carly Campbell Photos
I love to get the girls a couple of pieces every season from Cleobella’s Littles collection. They’re so cute on, and they’re ones that I keepsake when the girls grow out of them. Angela O’Brien, the owner and creative director of Cleobella, is such an amazing, creative, genuine human. She honestly lights up any space that she’s in, and I’m so honored today to be featured as her latest “#BellaBeauty”. You can read the whole…
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m really trying to plan ahead with holidays/gifting this year, because it’s so much more fun when you take the time and put thought into it instead of scrambling last minute, like I normally do! That being said, today is May 1st and Mother’s Day is fast approaching!! (It’s May 12th, in case you didn’t realize that yet! Ha!) I decided to post some of MY favorite ideas for Mother’s Day gifts this year. These…
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Toddler Sleep Help with Megan Pierson of Sleep Shop

Toddler Sleep Tips
I’ve been dreading making the switch from two naps to one, but we are FINALLY doing it! I’d been clinging on to the two-nap thing for so long, but the thing that really helped me determine it’s time (and gave me the confidence to make the change) was actually a simple nap guide from Megan Pierson of Sleep Shop. Megan specializes in all things toddler, and her mini-nap guide actually lists specific signs that it’s…
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March for Babies – with us!!!

Birth story | Preemie Twins born at 30 weeks | NICU
In just a couple of weeks, we’ll be joining with some friends that have become family at the Orange County fairgrounds to march in support of preemie babies and March of Dimes. Obviously it’s a cause SO close to our hearts, so I’ve been looking forward to May 11th for months!!! I want to invite ANYONE and EVERYONE to join our team and march with us. Whether you have a personal connection to the cause,…
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Toddler Parent Hacks we are Currently Using

Toddler parent hacks
Anyone who’s seen me lately knows I’m tired (probably just by looking at me!) I honestly didn’t think having twins was that hard, until they learned to walk. Chasing them around now is exhausting, and if you look away for a second they’re into something dangerous. There are a lot of things that I’d do if I had one baby, but can’t physically manage with two. They don’t want to be in a stroller anymore,…
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Favorites Under $100

FP Alexis Set | Comfy Sweatshirt and Skirt Set
I just ordered five things from Free People that I ended up loving – each under $100! Have you guys bought from their “Beach” line before? Sometimes I like to go on the site and just shop “FP Beach” – it’s usually less expensive and super comfy! I bought this dress in two colors, this set in two colors, and this romper. This set is SO soft and comfy – I’ve literally worn it for…
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