My Favorite 2nd Birthday Gift Ideas

Best Gifts for Toddlers
As you probably know cause I wouldn’t shut up about it, the girls just had their 2nd birthday! I always struggle/procrastinate with what to get as gifts when we get invited to kid parties, so I’m leaving a list here of my personal favorite gift ideas for a two year old. Hope this helps you out for any two-year-old gifts you need for birthdays or the holiday season ;). Over $100 If you can spend…
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Romy & Piper’s 2nd Birthday

2nd Birthday Party Toddler Twins Pizza Party
It’zza Piperomy Pizza Party!!! I actually think it was my nephew who came up with the “pizza party” theme. Months ago, he commented about how their names sound like “pepperoni” together, so we should have a pizza party for their 2nd birthday. The girls conveniently love pizza, so that’s what we did! Pizza As soon as we decided on a pizza party I knew I wanted to get Sgt. Pepperoni’s. It’s our favorite pizza and…
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What I’m Into This Week

Most comfortable pajamas | Show me your mumu
The best pajamas. Ok, I’ve tried so hard to be a classy grown up and wear real pajamas. But every single time I try, I end up back in my old t-shirts (or usually old men’s t-shirts! and comfy underwear). I get hot at night, I hate feeling constricted, and hate stiff materials. This is literally the first pair of pajamas that I would choose OVER that. I love them so much and want SMYMM…
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Toddler Sleep Environment

We’ve always been huge on the babies’ sleep environment, and I think it’s made all the difference. It’s almost like there’s a formula that we know will work to get them to sleep, and I love that! Here are some things we cannot do without in the babies’ room: Sound machines – We take these sound machines EVERYWHERE. The girls LOVE them. I have recommended this exact one to SO many people who have also…
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Outfits on Summer Staycation

Monarch Beach | Cleobella | Show Me Your Mumu
This last week we got to stay at Monarch Beach Resort and it was so much fun. We spent most of our time at the Monarch Bay Beach Club, which they just renovated. It’s super nice but still has that laid-back California beach vibe, so I never felt like I had to dress fancier than I’m used to. Scroll down for details on the outfits I packed! xx Jen
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Favorite Denim for Summer – on Sale!!

Trovata | Beek Loon Sandals | Ripped Levis
GUYS – my current FAVORITE pair of jeans is on sale right now – almost half off, which makes them only $49! I just ordered myself a second pair. They are a higher rise but like, control top…ha! Like they hold me in better than any other jeans I have. I ordered a size up (26) because they don’t have a lot of stretch. But 26 might actually be my proper size these days…it’s an…
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My Favorite Lawn Games

Sundry Loungwear | Favorite Lawn Games
I love games in general, but I especially love me a good lawn game. It’s such a fun way to be outside and catch up with friends. Lawn games have become a little less mellow/relaxing since the girls came along, but we actually have fun navigating them with little ones, too! Keep scrolling for some of my very favorites, and order them in time to play at your BBQ next weekend! (If you’re not having…
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Sandals of the Summer

Best Summer Sandals | Matisse Huntley
I live in California, so I live in sandals (sometimes year round!) This summer I’ve found so many COMFORTABLE (hello, I’m a mom now!) cute, casual sandals so I’m sharing some of my favorites in this post. I feel sorry for the people who comment on these sandals when I wear them, because I will for sure launch into a five minute explanation of how much I love them and why. I might even try…
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Prime Day Deals

Portal - Amazon Prime Day
There are just a few more hours to shop Amazon Prime Day Deals, so here are some of my very favorites below! My very, very favorite is the Facebook Portal – you can get it for $79 tonight (it’s usually $199!) We use it to talk to family that’s far away. We got one for my dad for Fathers’ Day and my parents LOVE reading bedtime stories to the girls on it! It also works…
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Prime Day Deals for Babies + Toddlers

Prime Day | Fire Tablets Bundle
Is anyone else confused/stressed by Prime Day?! I picked out my favorite deals for babies/toddlers (aka Romy and Piper and friends!) and linked them below – hope that helps a bit! Good luck, let me know what you end up with! xx Jen
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