This is one of my most asked about pieces of baby gear, so I’m finally throwing up a post about it! Even before the babies were born I picked out these high chairs – the Ovo from Micuna – because they’re just so beautiful. Even the packaging they show up in is chic ;). I’ve had a lot of questions from people concerned about the smaller, round tray that the high chair comes with. Honestly, I like the tray. I felt like it gave the babies more space to move around and was plenty of room for the food I’d give them. However, Micuna now has another tray option that I absolutely love. Since it addresses those questions/concerns I’ve been getting, I wanted to share it on here!

Things I love about the Ovo from Micuna

  • The legs and footrest are made from solid beechwood, which I think it what makes it so beautiful but also will make it last longer.
  • It can be converted into a child chair (see below) so it’s something I’ll put in our play room with a little table after they’re done using the high chairs.
  • I love that the harness is faux leather instead of fabric, because it’s super easy to wipe down/clean.
  • The tray is removable, so you take it off to wash it or take it off altogether and put the high chair at the table for baby to eat.
  • I love that this high chair has a smaller footprint than many – it doesn’t seem to be as bulky but is still plenty big enough for a comfortable experience.

We made a fun little time-lapse of the babies eating breakfast in their chairs, watch it below ;).

Some questions I’ve received about the Ovo

Does the round tray swivel? No, it stays in place. This is a chair actually made in Europe, and I think that there the tray can swivel. But because of US safety standards, chairs sold here have to have a stationary tray.

Is it worth the price? The Ovo is priced on the higher end for high chairs, but I think the quality definitely reflects that. I think it’s just one of those things that you have to decide where you want to spend your baby budget. If design/aesthetic is important to you, it’s probably worth it to allocate more to your high chair. It’s something that’s going to be sitting out in your kitchen/dining room for years, whereas other baby equipment is only used for a few months before baby grows out of it.

Do you use the pad? We did use the pad when the babies were small – I felt like it helped them be more comfortable and was easy to wash. But now that the babies are bigger, I don’t think they need the extra padding and I like keeping it out because I can just wipe down the seat.

How tall is the highchair? I’ll include specs below –

Overall, we really love our high chairs. And I think of them as an investment – I love the idea of saving them for the girls to use for their own babies someday – that’s how durable I think they are. Let me know if you have any other questions I didn’t cover and I’ll do my best to answer! You can shop the high chair itself here, and the larger front tray here.



You can see some more fun pictures of the girls using them at their first birthday party here, and you can read more about how/what we feed the babies and what equipment we use here.

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