First of all, let me tell you – I am SO picky about my eyebrows.  If I was only allowed to use one makeup item, it would be my brow powder (I use this with this, everyday!)  I started off with this massive unibrow as a kid, and due to over-waxing in the 90’s and laser hair removal in the 200o’s, my once caterpillar eyebrows were left pretty thin and patchy, and refusing to grow back.  You should also know that I’m not normally an “extensions” kind of girl – I’ve never had hair or eyelash extensions.  But when I found out there was such a thing as eyebrow extensions, I was super interested!

I found out about them from a friend of mine, Sarajane, who’s recently gone to school on the subject and become a sort of brow master ;).  She explained the process to me and we set up and appointment, but I still wasn’t sure what to expect.  Here’s how it went down…

She first threaded my brows, which I had never had done.  Can I just say, it’s SO much better than waxing?!?  No heat and no mess, and I actually LIKED the feeling.  Is that weird?!  I loved the feeling so much I made Blake try it too, and we both agreed on how cool it was.  Side note here – I’ve been trying to grow my brows out as much as possible, so I’d stopped getting them done.  There is definitely something to getting your eyebrows cleaned up, EVEN if you’re trying to grow them out.  They looked SO MUCH BETTER already.Eyebrow Extensions | Palms to Pines

After the threading, she started placing the extensions.  She literally places them hair by hair, and there’s definitely an art to it that she understands.  My favorite part was that she was able to fill in this space I have on my right brow that bothers me so much.  She was also able to make my eyebrows match each other, which I’m forever trying to do with my brow powder.  She knew exactly what shape I was going for, and definitely achieved that.Eyebrow Extensions | Palms to PinesEyebrow Extensions | Palms to Pines

The best part about having my eyebrows done is that I feel like I can wake up and go in the morning without putting makeup up on.  Also, when I show up on set I don’t have to worry if they makeup artist is going to fill my brows in the right way (this is a real struggle for me! ;))

BEFORE:Eyebrow Extensions | Palms to Pines


Eyebrow Extensions | Palms to Pines

BEFORE (top) & AFTER (bottom):Eyebrow Extensions | Palms to Pines

Sarajane is currently taking appointments both in Utah and in Orange County.  If you have questions or want to book with her, you can email her at  Also, I highly recommend you follow and scroll through the before-and-afters on her Instagram account, @browsbyarajane.  It’s kind of addicting!

Big thanks to Sarajane for upping my eyebrow game!  (Excuse the pictures taken at night!)Eyebrow Extensions | Palms to Pines

You can also email me or leave a comment if you have questions for me!