The Playhouse Remodel

The grandparents bought this playhouse for the girls’ birthday last year, and I finally got around to re-painting it! When I was picking paint colors, a reader sent me this post by Almost Makes Perfect. At first I didn’t want to copy her colors, but then I decided I loved what she picked and why re-invent the wheel? 😉 So if you want the paint color info, she details it all out in her post!…
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Hands-off Activities for Toddlers ;)

So I know there have been a lot of ideas going around social media and the internet about things you can do to entertain your kids or toddlers during quarantine…but I’m here today to post about the things your TODDLERS can do without you do give you a BREAK. Like the things that require little to no effort on your part, so you can clean up the kitchen, prep a meal, write that email, or…
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Quarantine Schedule: Working from Home with Toddlers

We are on our third week of quarantine over here, and definitely on the roller coaster that comes with that. Some days it feels heavy and overwhelming, and some days I am able to be more positive and enjoy the simple moments with my little girls. Truly I am grateful to have twins right now – I’m so grateful they have each other in this weird time where they can’t see or play with other…
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Things to do with a Toddler on a Rainy Day

what to do at home with a toddler
With so much rain in the forecast and impending lock down on the horizon, it looks like we will be spending a LOT of time at home and indoors in the coming weeks! Call it a rainy day, a quarantine, or social distancing, but I know I’m not alone in that I’ll be home a lot with two toddlers that need to be entertained! So here are some things we are doing to stay busy:…
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Eating Out with Toddlers

Tips for Eating out with Toddlers
I’m trying to post more about the things people are asking about, and I get so many questions about how I’m able to eat out so often with toddlers! I’m cracking up because I didn’t really think this was something I needed to post about, but I looked for other posts on the subject and HATED some of the advice. I read things like “Don’t worry if your kids are loud, they’re kids,” “Go to…
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Flying with Twin Toddlers (or multiple small children)

Traveling with Twin Toddlers
I wrote a blog post when the girls took their very first flight about traveling with babies/twins, but my girls have definitely grown out of it at this point. So I decided it’s time to update! This last week I flew with for the first time by myself, and it was also their first time having their own tickets/seats. Although paying for two more tickets is NOT fun, them having their own seats/space was SO…
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My Favorite 2nd Birthday Gift Ideas

Best Gifts for Toddlers
As you probably know cause I wouldn’t shut up about it, the girls just had their 2nd birthday! I always struggle/procrastinate with what to get as gifts when we get invited to kid parties, so I’m leaving a list here of my personal favorite gift ideas for a two year old. Hope this helps you out for any two-year-old gifts you need for birthdays or the holiday season ;). Over $100 If you can spend…
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Romy & Piper’s 2nd Birthday

2nd Birthday Party Toddler Twins Pizza Party
It’zza Piperomy Pizza Party!!! I actually think it was my nephew who came up with the “pizza party” theme. Months ago, he commented about how their names sound like “pepperoni” together, so we should have a pizza party for their 2nd birthday. The girls conveniently love pizza, so that’s what we did! Pizza As soon as we decided on a pizza party I knew I wanted to get Sgt. Pepperoni’s. It’s our favorite pizza and…
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Prime Day Deals

Portal - Amazon Prime Day
There are just a few more hours to shop Amazon Prime Day Deals, so here are some of my very favorites below! My very, very favorite is the Facebook Portal – you can get it for $79 tonight (it’s usually $199!) We use it to talk to family that’s far away. We got one for my dad for Fathers’ Day and my parents LOVE reading bedtime stories to the girls on it! It also works…
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Prime Day Deals for Babies + Toddlers

Prime Day | Fire Tablets Bundle
Is anyone else confused/stressed by Prime Day?! I picked out my favorite deals for babies/toddlers (aka Romy and Piper and friends!) and linked them below – hope that helps a bit! Good luck, let me know what you end up with! xx Jen
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