October | Picking Costumes for the Babies and Costume Ideas for Preemies

Halloween Baby Tee Shirts
HOW is it already October?! I’m having the HARDEST time deciding (or thinking of good ideas for) what the girls should be for Halloween! I’ve had a million pe0ple send me videos of this costume from @ToyStoryDad which I think is so so cute… Does anyone have ideas that can top that? Come on guys, help me! If you haven’t been around long, last year our girls were in the NICU so I had fun…
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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Best Sweaters Under $50
There are always a few sweaters at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that are a crazy good deal and so cute that they inevitably sell out. I rounded up my favorite sweaters under $50 – don’t wait on these because they go fast!! If you’re a card holder, this is your last chance to buy before the sale goes public! And if you’re not, the sale goes public tonight at midnight so be ready ;). Colorblock Sweater…
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Favorite Diapers for the Babies

I have been meaning to post about this for a while now, mostly because I’ve had so many questions about the babies’ diapers. I also happen to LOVE the diapers we use, and it’s SO easy for me to post about something I love. Rug | Parasol diapers Since the girls came home, we have used (and loved) Parasol diapers and wipes. Yes, I’ve tried lots of other brands. Parasol is hands down my favorite, and here…
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Simple Shirtdresses Under $100

Shirt Dresses Under $100 | Knot Sisters Haze Shirt Dress | Palms to Pines
One of my favorite shirt dresses just got marked down to 50% off, so I had to hurry and post about it for you while all sizes are still available! I’m wearing a small here, and love how roomy it is. I had a lot of questions about this dress when I wore it on my stories, but it’s a good thing I haven’t had time to post it yet since now it’s only $55.…
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Weekend in the Pool and some FAQ

Baby Pool Floats | Unicorn | Flamingo | Swimsuit | Palms to Pines
We are just coming down off of a fun weekend in St. George. I’m getting back to real life at home (aka catching up on laundry and emails) and reading through a bunch of your questions from my Instagram stories this past week. I thought it worked well last week to answer them quickly in a blog post, so here I go again!!! Where are the girls’ swim suits and hats from? All of the…
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Favorite Jumpsuit and some FAQ

Knot Sisters West Floral Jumpsuit | Palms to Pines
This super flattering and SUPER comfortable jumpsuit has been on repeat, and I get compliments every time I wear it! I want it in ten more colors/prints ;). I’ll link it below for you, along with something new I want to try on here! Navy Floral Print Jumpsuit | White Sneakers (or on sale here in a few sizes!) | Sunglasses  Navy Floral Print Jumpsuit | White Sneakers (or on sale here in a few sizes!) | Sunglasses I get a…
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Taking the Babies to Humboldt

Visiting Grandma | Palms to Pines
The babies had their first flight, and were able to meet my Grandma for the first time! I can’t even explain how much this trip meant to me. I’m posting it on here for no reason other than to document it in some way. And also to remind all of us how special and important these moments are, because it’s easy to forget. It wasn’t easy getting there – flights are so expensive that we…
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Things I Want to Remember about Blake (on his 34th birthday)

Today is Blake’s birthday – he’s 34! Today he said, “Man, I’m old.” My response was, “No, you’re just right.” And I honestly feel like all of the sudden everything is just right. Instead of writing something sappy and vague, I decided to share some things I wrote down while we were still in the hospital. They were just some things I wanted to remember about Blake in that time, and I’m glad I wrote…
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Burgundy Dress | Free Shipping by Christmas

Today I’m running around like a crazy person, finishing up all of those minute things before we leave for Christmas.  But I had to post this burgundy dress before Christmas because you might need it ;).  And FYI – you can still get shopping done online today!! FREE delivery by Christmas Eve is still available from online stores like Nordstrom,  Shopbop, Revolve, Free People, Zappos, Macy’s, and of course there’s always Amazon Prime. Good luck,…
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RiSE Festival 2016 | Mojave Desert

We just had such a special weekend together, and I’m left with a feeling I get a lot.  It’s a mixture of feeling so grateful for Blake and this ache of missing the rest of our family who are so far away.  Does that ever go away?  I don’t think so. We were lucky to get to go to the RiSE Festival for the third time.  It’s always hard to find the words to explain…
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