Flying with Four-Year-Old Twins

Romy and Piper at Sundance Resort
I’ve posted in the past about flying with twin babies, and then posted again about flying with twin toddlers. I’ve referred back to those posts so many times and shared them with friends and followers who ask for travel tips. This last trip I took with the girls felt different – like there was so much STUFF we no longer needed. It was bittersweet – freeing in a lot of ways but of course a…
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Dressing for Snow | Proper Layering (Updated!)

Dressing for the Snow or Cold
I’ve been getting so many questions about my ski clothes since this last trip, including questions about base layers, boots, socks, if I’m cold, etc., that I decided to dig up an old (but popular) post that I wrote 3 years ago about dressing for snow/cold. My plan was to re-vamp it, but as I was reading through it I realized that not only would I write the post the exact same way, but I…
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Flying with Twin Toddlers (or multiple small children)

Traveling with Twin Toddlers
I wrote a blog post when the girls took their very first flight about traveling with babies/twins, but my girls have definitely grown out of it at this point. So I decided it’s time to update! This last week I flew with for the first time by myself, and it was also their first time having their own tickets/seats. Although paying for two more tickets is NOT fun, them having their own seats/space was SO…
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Girls’ Trip at The Scott Resort

I think January is a good month for making plans – it’s typically a quieter month for me as far as travel/events go, so it’s a good time to asses the year to come and see where there’s room to plan/book things. In the spirit of that, I wanted to post about The Scott because I’ve had so many questions about it. After speaking with them, they were kind enough to give us a code…
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Outfits on Summer Staycation

Monarch Beach | Cleobella | Show Me Your Mumu
This last week we got to stay at Monarch Beach Resort and it was so much fun. We spent most of our time at the Monarch Bay Beach Club, which they just renovated. It’s super nice but still has that laid-back California beach vibe, so I never felt like I had to dress fancier than I’m used to. Scroll down for details on the outfits I packed! xx Jen
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The California Super Bloom with Romy and Piper

This last weekend, both my little brother and sister ended up in town visiting. She lives in D.C. and he goes to school at the University of Utah, so having them here together was so special for me. We joked about how different their visits are now than they used to be – I feel self conscious about the fact that we move a lot slower with the babies. But I also take pride in…
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You do You | Helipcopter Ride with @IFLYHELI

This past Friday morning, Blake and I had the most amazing experience. We were given the chance to ride in a helicopter with our friend York, and Blake’s big brother Steven came along as well. Some of you might be like, “What’s the big deal? I’ve been in a helicopter sooo many times,” and some of you might be like, “Are you crazy, you have two babies and that is super dangerous and selfish!” Let…
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Flying with Babies (Newborn-6 Months) | Tips and Tricks-for twins, too!

Flying with Babies
I put together some things that have really helped me with flying with the twins!! Hope it helps you, too ;). Baby-carrying stuff There are lots of different ways you can do it – with twins it’s more complicated logistically ;). With one baby, you’d be able to take more to the gate, but here’s how we do it with twins: we check the car seats and then use our double umbrella stroller to take…
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Easter Sunday 2018 at the Montage

Easter Brunch at the Montage in Laguna Beach - Orange County
The past few years, Blake and I have spent Easter on our own. I hate spending holidays away from family, so you can imagine how excited I was this year when I realized that not only was it our first Easter with Romy and Piper, but my sister and her family would be in town for it! And an added bonus – it also happened to fall on my sister’s birthday! She’s an April Fools’…
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Hiking Tiger Mountian | Poo Poo Point

Last week while we were home (well, my home) in the Pacific Northwest, my Mom took us all on one of her favorite hikes, to Poo Poo Point. Poo Poo Point is a peak on the west side of Tiger Mountain, with an amazing view of Issaquah, Lake Sammamish, and Bellevue with a bit of Seattle if you look hard enough ;). My mom told us that the name Poo Poo Point came from the sound…
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