Celebrating International Women’s Day with Beek

beek by two birds
Yesterday, I got to celebrate International Women’s Day with some of my very favorite local women. It was such an incredible day that I wanted to share it on here, partly to remember it and the things I learned and partly to tell you about some things I just really love! The first thing I love: The Hydration Room. I’ve posted about it before on here, but you just need to go in and see…
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We’re Having TWINS! | How we found out…

Guys, we are having TWINS. It’s happening.  We found out about 6 weeks ago, but it’s taken some time (and a couple of ultrasounds) for me to REALLY believe it.  We got pregnant right away, but I was worried leading up to my first ultrasound because of a previous miscarriage (more on that another day). I was trying to mentally prepare myself for the worst, and felt so many nerves going into that first ultrasound.…
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Red and Off-the-Shoulder

Jen Hawkins wearing off-the-shoulder dress on Palms to Pines lifestyle blog
This weekend, we loved the warmer weather and lived it up in the sun!  We had out first proper beach day with a big crew, and it felt like the kick-off of summer.  But then we got on a plane and came to Utah, where it’s cold and rainy but I get to snuggle my nieces and nephew.  Fair trade, I think ;).  This off-the-shoulder dress is easy to throw on, comfy, but feels cute enough…
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Blue & White

Jen Hawkins - California street style on Palms to Pines blog
Do you ever find yourself buying the same thing over and over without realizing it?  Lately for me it’s been anything blue, white, or striped.  And what I think that means is that I’m ready for a nautical vacation ;).  I love this jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters – it’s so fun for summer! Yarn-Dyed Cutout Jumpsuit | Cognac Suede Saddle Bag | Sunglasses | Sandals Vacation, where you at? xx Jen
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Favorite things in Yellow

Guys, I’m really into this shade of mustard yellow – I keep finding myself buying things this color over and over.  Like these sandals, this tunic, this comfy tee, and this dress.  So when I saw this dress by House of Harlow at the Revolve Social Club, I had to snag it. House of Harlow Dress | Black Platform Wedges More of my favorites in yellow: DRESSES TOPS SWIM SHOES & ACCESSORIES
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Spring Layering | Embroidered Denim

Palms to Pines lifestyle blog | layering embroidered denim
This time of year, it’s all about layering.  It will be hot one second, and cold the next.  And you can always count on it being chilly at night, even in the desert!  One of my favorite spring-y things to layer with this year is a good embroidered denim! Embroidered Denim Jacket | Grey Knot-Front T-Shirt Dress | White Sneakers | Clutch | Sunnies   Embroidered Denim Jacket | Grey Knot-Front T-Shirt Dress | White Sneakers | Clutch |…
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Astrological Signs | Cheatsheet

Ok, so I like the idea of astrology, and I at least know what MY sign is when people ask.  But I always get nervous if the conversation goes further than that!  Especially when people get into what other signs your compatible with, or explaining behavior or events based on someone’s Zodiac sign.  So, if you’re like me and want to feel somewhat cool when these conversations come up, I found a couple cheat sheets!…
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Easy Breezy | Floral Wrap Dress

The weather is finally turning warm again here, and it feels like all is right in the world.  I wasn’t feeling well this week, so on the warmest day I spent the morning at the pool with old friends, then put on this breezy dress and headed to Wolf Camp to get some work done.  I had a meeting with the photographer Camila, who is new to the area and so excited about all the…
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California Poppies | 2017 Superbloom

Jen Hawkins among California Poppies
Yesterday, my good friend Courtney text me and asked if I wanted to go have a picnic in the poppies with her.  If you haven’t heard, there is a major “Superbloom” happening in California, due to all the rain we’ve had.  This means that the wildflowers, including the poppies, are basically exploding across hills and valleys like I’ve never seen before.  Apparently people are coming from all over the world to see the Super Bloom of…
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Running around Venice | SWF Boutique

Recently, I spent an afternoon running around Venice with photographer John Schell and my bestie Sydney Wheeler.  I love getting this crew together, although sometimes it’s hard to actually take photos because we can’t stop the laughing ;).  I wore pieces from a brand I love – SWF Boutique.  We took most of the photos along the Venice canals, which is a magical must-see place in LA if you’ve never been.  Take a sunset walk there…
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