Hahnenkamm | Kitzbuhel, Austria

Kitzbuhel Travel Guide by Jen Hawkins on Palms to Pines
One of the main reasons we decided to go to Europe was to watch my brother’s race in Kitzbuhel, Austria. Steven is a downhiller on the US Ski Team.  Downhillers are the fastest guys on the team – they pretty much tuck straight down mountains as fast as they can (aka, they’re a little nuts). Steven spends every winter season in Europe racing on the World Cup Ski Racing tour, where he’s currently ranked 6th in the…
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Europe Winter Road Trip | Grindelwald, Switzerland

Grindelwald | Jen Hawkins travel guide on Palms to Pines style blog
Grindelwald Grindelwald is a magical little town located in the heart of the Swiss Alps/Berner Oberland.  (And yes, Grindelwald is also the name of a wizard in Harry Potter, which proves the name is special in itself!)  We ended up in Grindelwald because we have friends that live there, and I’m so so glad we did. I feel like Grindelwald is really underrated, almost a secret well-kept from potential tourists. It ended up being the most…
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Dressing for Snow | Proper Layering

Jen Hawkins guide to layering for cold weather | Palms to Pines style blog
I’ve loved seeing messages from people in response to our Europe trip, it’s so fun to connect over travel! I’ve been cracking up because one of the questions I’ve been getting the most is, “Aren’t you cold?!” The answer is both yes and no, and the question inspired me to finally post about something I’ve been thinking about for a while: dressing properly for the cold ;). YES it was cold, and there were times…
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Hotel Mont Blanc | Chamonix

Hotel Mont Blanc | Chamonix | Travel Guide by Jen Hawkins
We’ve been in Chamonix the last few days, and it’s seriously felt like a dream.  From the drive in, to checking in to the most beautiful hotel, to eating amazing food, to finding ourselves on the top of Aguille du Midi, it’s been an experience I will never forget.  Chamonix actually holds claim to the introduction of the “resort” concept, set in the French Alps among the most amazing views.  If there is any way for…
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Winter Travel Prep

Jen Hawkins tries the Hydration Room | Palms to Pines
Hydration IV Therapy at The Hydration Room Hands down the best thing I’ve done in preparation for travel is go to The Hydration Room, especially in the winter.  Living in an easy climate like California makes visiting high altitude, cold, dry places tough, especially in the winter!  I get dry skin and lips, feel tired and dehydrated, usually have a scratchy throat, and sometimes actually get sick (which is pretty rare for me – knock…
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Power Walking into the New Year with my Misfit

Jen Hawkins wearing Amari Active
So it’s the New Year, which means everyone is making resolutions.  I decided that this year, I’m all about making realistic resolutions that I can actually keep.  One of my agents/mentors suggested something to me that her models have seen amazing results with, and it sounds totally doable to me – it’s POWER-WALKING.  She challenged me to power-walk 5-6 miles per day, and I’m totally into it.  When I think about the times in my…
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Rainy Day Blues | Sandrine Rose

Jen Hawkins | Sandrine Rose
It pouring rain today in Costa Mesa, and I love it!  I slept in til 8:30, half sleeping and half listening to the rain outside.  When I finally got moving, I decided it was as good a day as any to wear my favorite new pants from Sandrine Rose.  We ducked under the carport to take a few photos, got some work done, and now I’m headed to the DMV to try and replace my…
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Favorite Bomber Jacket | Monrow

Bomber Jacket style | Jen Hawkins on Palms to Pines style blog
Guys, I had big plans for my first day home in two weeks, and I can’t seem to get going!!  When does my New Year’s motivation kick in?!  We leave to Europe in a week, so hopefully it’s soon – I’ve got a lot to do ;).  We are heading to London/Cambridge to visit my little sister, then traveling all over Switzerland and Austria!  I’ll have some good posts coming your way later this week…
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What I’m Into This Week | 12.23.16

Jen Hawkins on winter style | Palms to Pines
Guys, it’s Christmas Eve Eve!  We have had a beautiful and chaotic holiday season, which we have loved, but now it feels good to settle into my parents house in Seattle and enjoy time with family and friends.  Last night we sat and watched an old Christmas movie (“Holiday Inn”) and it was so nice.  Here are a few things I’m into this week – Christmas edition ;). These Wedge Boots.  I’ve had so many…
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Burgundy Dress | Free Shipping by Christmas

Today I’m running around like a crazy person, finishing up all of those minute things before we leave for Christmas.  But I had to post this burgundy dress before Christmas because you might need it ;).  And FYI – you can still get shopping done online today!! FREE delivery by Christmas Eve is still available from online stores like Nordstrom,  Shopbop, Revolve, Free People, Zappos, Macy’s, and of course there’s always Amazon Prime. Good luck,…
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