This past Friday morning, Blake and I had the most amazing experience. We were given the chance to ride in a helicopter with our friend York, and Blake’s big brother Steven came along as well.

Some of you might be like, “What’s the big deal? I’ve been in a helicopter sooo many times,” and some of you might be like, “Are you crazy, you have two babies and that is super dangerous and selfish!” Let me tell you – I fell in between those two extremes. I was so excited to go do something fun with Blake, but the night before I started to get so nervous. It’s crazy how having babies makes you think twice about taking risks ;). I started to think maybe it would be more responsible if only one of us went, just in case something happened. But I went, and it was SO AMAZING. It was a perfect reminder to me that just because I’m a mom now doesn’t mean I should stop living my life, and that I need to take time when I can to do things that make ME feel alive.

Faux Fur Crop Jacket | Moto SweatpantsWhite Ribbed Racerback Tank | Interlace Sports Bra | Rose Sneakers | Black Nylon Traveler/Diaper Bag

I’m not sure if our experience would have been what it was had we been flying with someone other than York. Before we even took off, he had a way of making me feel safe and confident in flying with him. Then as we flew, I discovered he has really great playlists, amazing stories to tell, and also really wants to hear/learn about whoever he’s with.


York took us towards Southern Utah which was perfect – we got to fly over beautiful green mountains on our way to the stunning red rock. We landed on this remote butte and took time to explore. It was surreal to think that I was somewhere I could most likely never be again (unless York brought us back in his helicopter!) He showed us a cave where they found some crazy things (that’s a story for another day), told us stories of nearby Native American ruins they’ve found, and snapped some photos.

White Ribbed Racerback Tank  | High-waist LeggingsInterlace Sports Bra | Rose Sneakers



We rested for a while (even finding a little shade underneath the helicopter) , then took off again – this time with the doors off! Now THAT was another level of amazing. I never thought I’d be brave enough to lean out the open door of a helicopter (yes, I was buckled!) but I’m so glad I did! I could go on and on, but I’ll never do it justice! I’ll just leave you with a bunch of photos to give you some idea of what we experienced…

Black Ribbed Racer Back Tank | Black Shorts | White Sneakers


I highly suggest you go follow York (@iflyheli) so you can live vicariously through his adventures (and hopefully join in on one someday!)

So grateful for this experience, and feeling so motivated in the aftermath to keep adventuring :).