We’re heading back to the mountains this weekend, so we had to make it to the beach before we leave again.  I might have been chilly enough to throw on sweats, but the sunset was beautiful, the waves were good, and I happened to match the sky, so no complaints here ;).

I love this sweat suit from 35mm clothing.  If you’re looking for some loungewear (for yourself or as a gift for someone else) check them out on their site or Nordstrom also carries them.  They’re like the California version of Christmas pajames! 😉

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The internet held some pretty amazing gems this week, so I had to share some with you.

First of all…Instagram Husband?!  If you haven’t seen it, you need to…it’s hilarious.

The second season of Serial officially started, as of yesterday!  This season, it’s about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and his controversial departure from his army base in Afghanistan in 2009.  I listened to the first episode and I have to admit, it was good to hear Sarah Koenig’s voice again ;).  But it’s crazy to think of how much of an impact Serial could have on Bergdahl’s upcoming court cases.  Check out this article in the New York times for a run-down on the season, and listen to the first episode here.

And in honor of the second season finally starting, if you listened to the first season you HAVE to watch this SNL skit called “Christmas Serial”.  It’s too good!

And speaking of SNL, I knew it was going to be a good week when Ryan Gosling was the host.  I love how he couldn’t keep a straight face in almost any skit!  But I think my favorite was the Quentin Tarantino-ish “Santa Baby.”

And since I’ve been Christmas shopping online all week, here are some of my favorite gift ideas I’ve come across:

  • Sense Sleep Tracker – “wakes you up feeling great, improves your sleep, and helps you learn how the environment of your bedroom affects your rest.”  How cool is that?  It’s available on Amazon!
  • Starwars Stance Socks – For the people in your lives who are Star Wars obsessed (aka Blake – he’s counting down the days until we get to see the movie!)
  • Backcountry.com is having a sale today – $40 off when you spend $200!  I’ve definitely already taken advantage of it!
  • If you haven’t already, check out my Gift Guide for more ideas!

Happy Friday!!