Guys, we are having TWINS. It’s happening.  We found out about 6 weeks ago, but it’s taken some time (and a couple of ultrasounds) for me to REALLY believe it. 

We got pregnant right away, but I was worried leading up to my first ultrasound because of a previous miscarriage (more on that another day). I was trying to mentally prepare myself for the worst, and felt so many nerves going into that first ultrasound. Needless to say, when she let us hear that first heartbeat I felt so relieved and started tearing up – in a happy way – because it was just so cool.  Our sweet ultrasound tech, a woman named Dawn, measured the baby and told us it was exactly the right size for how far along we thought I was. We were chatting and asking questions about all of the information she was giving us, but then all of the sudden she went quiet. Everything is kind of hazy after that, but I’m pretty sure she put her hand on my arm and said, “Honey, I have something to tell you. There are two babies in there.”

I immediately started bawling, and I don’t think the tears were so happy that time! I tried to tell the tech, “I’m not a twin person. I don’t really think twins are that cool. We were only trying to have one,” as if she would be like, “Oh ok, well in that case there’s just one in there!” I honestly don’t think I would have believed her if she hadn’t shown us both babies at the same time, along with letting us hear both heartbeats, which were slightly different speeds.  

The first image we saw of the twins together!

I couldn’t see Blake because he was behind my head, but I was so scared, and assuming he was probably more so. All the things that you think might go through your head if someone told you that you were having twins probably went through mine – we can talk about all of those things later!  Dawn said something like “It’s not that often we get to surprise people like this in the ultrasound!” And I remember saying, “What?! How do they know?!” I would realize later that it’s because the majority of twins these days are a result of fertility treatments, where people know how many eggs could possibly be fertilized.  At one point I said, “I don’t think I can do this,” and Dawn said “Yes you can, you’re so cute!” Ha! She really was so nice. She saw Blake’s reaction, which was apparently my different than mine, and something about how he would be a big help for me. After the ultrasound she got us a private room to wait for our doctor’s appointment so that I wouldn’t have to take my crying face back out to the waiting room. As soon as I got into that room with Blake and we were able to talk about it, his excitement started to rub off on me, and he was so peaceful and calm. Dawn was right – that did help a lot!

A note from Blake, in case you’re wondering what he was thinking: Getting to the point of wanting to have kids has been a slow process for me. I’ve always loved kids, but really loved the ability to pass them off to their parents when their crazy came out. I think because of that fear of being locked down by kids, I always wanted twins. Have two at the same time, get it over with and not drag the process out. Parental efficiency! Ha. However, when we got to the point where we decided to start trying to grow our family, I wasn’t even thinking about twins. I was excited to move into that next phase of our life and embrace whatever was going to happen. Fast forward to the day in the ultrasound…it was amazing to see this little human, hear it’s heartbeat, learn it’s size and a relief to know that everything is healthy…but when we were told there were TWO IN THERE, my mind was blown and I was instantly so excited! Neither side of our families have a hereditary connection to twins, so I had never imagined twins being in our family. But here they are and I’m stoked! Once we regained our composure and processed what was actually happening, I laughed and told Jen it was always a dream of mine to have twins. So, I’m thrilled to see where this dream goes and how these two kiddos are going to change our lives! Here we go!

We snapped this outside of the Doctor’s office right after we found out, because I figured despite my crying face it needed to be documented ;).

The day just got better and better as we called our family members one by one to tell them the news.  This has been the most fun part about having twins so far – just telling our families and witnessing their reactions.  I swear they were all a hundred times more excited to find out we were having twins than they were when we first told them we were pregnant!  As someone who didn’t think twins were “that cool,” this was when I started to realize how special they really are – I’m sure I’ll have many more of these realizations in the months and years to come.

We’ve since had another ultrasound – at 12 weeks – and we got to see them moving so much!  Moving arms and legs and flipping around, so we got to see so many angles of them – profiles, bums, top of heads, brains, blood flow, umbilical cords, and more.  They both measured perfectly on track, and we got to hear both heartbeats again.

So that’s the beginning of the story, and I know it’s just that – the beginning!  It’s going to be a wild ride, and I’m so excited/anxious/curious to see what’s ahead!  And because I can’t help it, I have to say that i’m so grateful I get to do all of this with Blake. He’s already been so supportive and kind through pregnancy, he really is going to be an amazing Dad to these two little humans coming our way.As for Palms to Pines, I will still be posting about the usual outfits/travel/food etc., but get ready for a lot of pregnancy/baby posts you may or may not want to see! I’m so excited to share this wild journey with all of you!