Every once in a while, you have one of these great, full-circle moments in life, and working on this video project was definitely one of those for me.  I got to work with one of my favorite professors from college, who has done really amazing things with the advertising program there.  Mixing my old college world in Utah with my new world as part of the Nyman family and Sundance felt really great.Sundance | Provo | Palms to Pines

It sounds cheesy, but Utah County has really become such a special place for me in so many ways.  As some one who moved around a lot growing up, there are a few places that will always be “home” in my mind and Utah County is one of them.  I had my own college experience there, but it wasn’t until I met Blake and his family that a whole new love of the outdoors and Sundance came.  So much love that we got married there on top of a mountain (which is actually the spot we ski from in this video!)  It was so fun to watch all my friends and family that came to the wedding discover and appreciate this beautiful place for themselves.  Even though we live in Southern California now, it’s a place we will never stop “coming home” to.Sundance | Provo | Palms to Pines

If you’ve never been, check out http://visitprovo.org – there’s tons on information on what you can do when you visit Utah Valley.  There’s even a contest you can enter to win a free trip, it’s super easy!

Big, big thanks to Jeff Sheets for making us a part of this, and creating that full circle moment for me!  So grateful for you, the knowledge and opportunities you provided me in the past, and what you are continuing to do for my family now!

Alright, here are the finished spots – running on cable and online now!

I love this one about they Nymans and their amazing ski shop: