The girls are weirdly into hearts lately, especially the sound your heart makes (they love to hit their chest and go “bom BOM, bom BOM”), so Valentine’s Day is coming at a great time!

One night last week, I decided to take them to Target to pick out some Valentine’s decor (we have none!), some Valentines cards for them to take to school next week, and maybe sneak a few little gifts for them for the day of. Guys, have I mentioned I HATE TARGET?! They were sold out of everything, the stuff I did see seemed like junk, and then when we went to check out there was ONE register open. ONE! At 5:30pm, so the store was BUSY. So, my feeling about Target are validated again and I’ve decided to do all of my Valentine’s shopping online ;)….


A friend told me about these cute pajamas. I ordered one in pink and one in purple. I love that they are tie dye instead of hearts, makes it feel like they can wear them past Valentine’s Day ;). I also ordered them some heart sunglasses, a Valentine’s coloring book that they can color and then rip pages out to give as Valentines, some heart cookie cutters so we can make/decorate heart-shaped cookies that day, and these cute little red necklaces that are on sale. And my very favorite thing I got them? These cute little berets from Lack of Color. See below for more little things I got for the “Valentine’s Day Box”….


A few ideas….

I am still obsessed with the tradition of buying each other concert tickets for some upcoming show – I talk about why here! But a few other ideas…

  • This neck massager. Guys, it’s really so good.
  • Shoes. I love these – Blake literally gets compliments every time he wears them and they’re only $65.
  • Socks. Stance is always our fav!
  • Apple Watch.
  • I just bought Blake a Yeti cooler for his bday and he loves it!

Hope that helps, good luck and I hope you feel so loved this week!