Since I’ve become so familiar with baby stuff/gear, I’m asked daily for baby gift ideas. Embarrassingly enough, this is a question I have a hard time answering. It’s tough to find something to give someone that they don’t already have, that they will actually use, and that will hold some sort of meaning. I was so excited when I received framed prints from Still Novel, because they’re so unique and special.

When I received my own in the mail I couldn’t help but cry when I opened it. Seeing a couple of my favorite photos of Romy and Piper along with their birth stats was super emotional for me – partly because of our NICU journey where they started life so small! Oddly enough, I think Romy and Piper love them as much as I do! They love to point at them and tell me which one is Romy and which one is Piper – something they’ve become more adamant about as they’ve realized that lots of people actually can’t (or don’t try to) tell them apart ;).


More About the Still Novel Process

It’s super easy to make your own, and Still Novel does all the work of making it look good. You just choose your style, upload a photo (it can even be a photo from your smart phone!), put in some information (like name, birth date and place, etc.), and choose your frame. From the basic information you put in, you can see the fun stuff that populates in the girls’ frames below, like the exact coordinates of the location they were born, their birth stone, astrological sign, and more. I love how the girls’ prints have some things that are the same since they were born on the same day and in the same place, but then little difference like their names, weight, length, and their own unique thought/description.



I love having these to decorate the nursery – it really was the last thing the room needed! Now that I know how nice they are, I’ve decided I also want to get some for Blake’s office using some photos of the girls that I love from the NICU. It’s fun to see the mock-up on the site – it really helps me in choosing which photo to use! Here’s a screenshot of the one I’m in the middle of making for Piper right now –

So there you go! I’m finally giving you a legit gift idea, either for someone you know who is about to have a baby, someone who just had a baby, Mother’s Day, or even a first birthday! And let’s be honest, it’s also something great to get for your own baby to add to the nursery ;).

You can start your print here – it seriously only takes a few minutes!



**You can find details on the rest of the nursery in this post.