Blake and I decided to make a stop at the Golden Gate Bridge on our road trip.  He couldn’t remember being there when he was little, and even though I feel like I’ve been there a million times it never gets old.  As Blake said on our trip, “Bridges are just so cool.”  And this is one of the coolest!  For those of you who haven’t been, you need to go!  And if you’re wondering where the best place to take that iconic photo is, I’m about to tell you!  The Golden Gate Bridge | Palms to PInes

The best spot to marvel at and photograph the bridge is Battery Spencer.  It’s on the Marin County side, so if you’re coming from the city you’ll have to cross the bridge.  (I highly recommend crossing the bridge at some point – driving under it is a cool feeling in itself and a different kind of amazing view!)  Battery Spencer is a former military installation that protected the bridge and the bay from foreign invaders during World War II.  You’ll see a little area to park, and then it’s just a short walk through the old fort to the viewpoint.  (Map)

Driving Directions: From San Francisco, take Highway 101 north over the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin and continue 0.5 of a mile to the exit for Alexander Avenue. Take that exit west, keep left at the fork and drive 0.2 of a mile under the highway (Highway 101 South/San Francisco) and curve south to Conzelman Road (you’ll see a sign that says “Marin Headlands Coastal Route.”)  Turn right on Conzelman and drive 0.3 of a mile until you see parking for Battery Spencer on your left.

(Pro tip: go for sunrise!! Not only are there WAY less people (I’ve actually been there when there’s NONE at sunrise – much better than the normal crowds during the day) but the sun comes up perfectly over the bridge and makes it feel so magical.  Plus it makes for a great Instagram shot ;).  

Also, more often than not it’s chilly/windy – so bring a sweater or jacket so you can fully enjoy the view without freezing!  I’m kind of obsessed with the comfy Knot Sisters cardigan I’m wearing here…

The Golden Gate Bridge | Palms to PInes
The Golden Gate Bridge | Palms to PInes
Cream Cardigan | Black Tee Body Suit |  Levi Jeans | Black Sandals (so comfy!) | Sunnies | Gold Cuff Ring | Necklace – Vintage


And in case you were wondering, I really did only bring one pair of jeans on this trip, but once they got dirty I Amazon-primed myself these Levis I’d been wanting and couldn’t be happier about it!  Thank goodness for Prime!



P.S. – I have to throw in our family photo – not in focus but I still love it 😉 The Golden Gate Bridge | Palms to PInes