This Easter, we went down to Carlsbad to see The Flower Fields.  This place is amazing!!  In my adult years, my favorite flower has become Ranunculus, so I was in disbelief when I heard that there was a place nearby with 50 ACRES OF RANUNCULUS!  Excuse me?!  Guys – it’s a real thing.  And if you’re near Carlsbad in the spring months, I suggest you go.

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Jean Jacket ~ Tank ~ Pants ~ Sandals ~ Sunnies

Holidays can be kind of weird around here, since we don’t have any family close by.  Because of this, I am extra grateful for friends to spend them with.  I always make a point to have plans, so we don’t end up sitting around missing our families. (Let’s be real – so I don’t end up sad, missing our families – Blake is much more resilient than I am!)  So I’m happy we got to spend a few hours of Easter in a beautiful place with some beautiful friends!