Favorite Loungewear | Nordstrom

Favorite Loungewear | Nordstrom | Tommy Hilfiger Retro Sweatsuit
Between my stay on bedrest at the hospital, my stay in the hospital after birthing the twins, and now going back and forth to the hospital at all hours of the day and night, I’d say I’ve become quite the expert on good loungewear ;). With the girls slated to be in the NICU for quite a while longer, then having newborns at home and the holidays approaching, I figure I can probably justifiably make…
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Tommy Hilfiger | #TOMMYNOW

Tommy Hilfiger on Jen Hawkins | Palms to Pines lifestyle blog
Of all the NYFW shows, the one that I watched that looked like the most FUN was Tommy Hilfiger’s.  Notice I said “watched,” as in I did not get to actually go! Someday…;)  Gigi Hadid was the star of the show – and I feel like she’s been perfect for the whole campaign.  You can watch the show yourself here, and you can even save your favorite looks as you’re watching and then go back to…
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