A few nights ago I woke up at 3am (to pump, duh). Normally I can fall right back to sleep afterwards, but this time my mind started spinning around all of the things I need to get done. The girls could possibly come home soon, our time in the hospital has put me behind on so many work deadlines, we are hosting Thanksgiving this week, and we all know how fast Christmas sneaks up after that!

Deciding to focus on the Christmas task list (evidently in need of some Holiday cheer here, guys), my mind turned to gifts as the clock hit 4am. I usually pride myself on thinking of thoughtful/personal gifts, so I pulled out my phone and tried to start brainstorming. But as I sat there staring at my phone, I realized I’ve been so caught up in my own little world lately that I don’t even know what my family or friends want/need right now! By 4:30 am, I came to the conclusion that I am going to resort to some streamlined, one-size-fits-all, but still awesome gifts ;).

I guess the purpose of this midnight-monologue is to leave you with a list of go-to gifts that always work, every year, for anyone! Since the holidays are here (and probably because I was in bed when I was brainstorming) I went with my favorite cozy items. And, of course, I decided to partner with my favorite store to do it. So, all of the below can be purchased from Nordstrom, meaning you don’t have to stress about the size/color being just right because anything and everything can be returned, at any time! They’re my top five less thoughtful, less personal but super cozy gifts that everyone still really wants ;). Here’s to knocking out your shopping list before December 1st even hits!  

5 cozy christmas gifts everyone wantsSlouchy Long-sleeve Brushed Jersey Tee | Brushed Jersey Leggings | Slippers  

5 cozy christmas gifts everyone wants 5 cozy christmas gifts everyone wants

      1. Ugg Slippers. Because whoever doesn’t have slippers needs them, and whoever does probably needs a fresh pair! Ugg slippers are my favorite go-to gift, because there’s nothing like slipping your foot into a fluffy new pair on Christmas morning. Everyone appreciates them, and they are a high-quality but still affordable gift that will last for years.
      2. Throw Blanket. Everybody has a place they can toss a good throw! Whether it’s across their bed, the back of their couch, or rolled up in a basket somewhere that’s handy for people to grab when they’re cold. I picked out some of my favorites in neutral colors:
      3. Mug.  Add your favorite coffee or tea and it’s the perfect small gift ;).
      4. Wireless Speaker. Great for around the house, or portable to take out and about. I have the UE Megaboom below and we loooove it. I even take it in the shower sometimes since it’s waterproof! Sonos is also an amazing system that they could build on for the entire house, or it could be fun to get a Google Voice!
      5. Candle. Have you seen the Christmas candle sketch on SNL? It’s true that everyboday loves a good gifting candle ;).
        Some of my favorites:

Hope that helps kick-start your shopping! Good luck this week as the madness officially starts ;).