Slip-on sneakers are in, and I’m not mad about it.  They’re the perfect transition shoe as we head into fall, and there are so many good ones out there!  As stated on the Fashionista,

“Slip-on sneakers…are having a moment. And any time comfortable, functional shoes are having a moment, one should take advantage.”

I couldn’t agree more ;). Lately I’m obsessed with my new metallic pair, but keep scrolling to shop more of my favorites.

Slip-on Sneakers, The Golden NativesSlip-on Sneakers, The Golden Natives

tank ~ shorts (similar here) ~ shoes

Slip-on Sneakers, The Golden Natives

And for anyone who’s interested, here’s what I’m thinking as I pack up and head back to California…

We had such a special, fun-filled weekend in Seattle, and I’m not ready to leave.  From a perfect backyard wedding with some of our oldest family friends, to a fun-filled night with the people I grew up with – I was in heaven ;).  We also hiked with my family, took the boat out, had our traditional Sunday salmon dinner, and visited special people and places.

Just in case you’re dying to know how the reunion went, I loved every minute :).  Now I realize I’m a little biased, but I share the sentiment with a lot of my classmates that Woodinville High School was a special place for us.  Blake teases me sometimes about how much I loved high school, but he loved getting to know my friends and discovering firsthand where that comes from.  There’s just something really amazing and comforting about seeing the people you have known forever.  They know who you started out as, and can remind you of that just with their laugh, or reminiscing about an old joke or story.  Of course there was some catching up to do, and it was fun to see where people are at in life.  But for the most part we picked up right where we left off, with old sayings and traditions coming into play.

I was definitely surprised at how much everyone looked the same to me.  In a good way!  And just seemed genuinely happy to be there and see each other.  So, I guess moral of the story…go to your class reunions? 🙂  I’m kidding, I know not everyone loved high school as much as I did. But to any fellow falcons who may read this post, Woodinville%#@$!@#! ;).  Love you guys…

Stay Golden,