We are on our third week of quarantine over here, and definitely on the roller coaster that comes with that. Some days it feels heavy and overwhelming, and some days I am able to be more positive and enjoy the simple moments with my little girls. Truly I am grateful to have twins right now – I’m so grateful they have each other in this weird time where they can’t see or play with other kids.

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We normally have a sitter that comes three days a week, and since this whole things started we haven’t had her come (although we are still paying her…ugh). We’re also owners in a very new small business that has been hit hard by this situation, so things feel crazy!

Once Blake started working from home, too, I knew we needed a plan. Without structure, the days felt so long and unproductive and we were all just in each other’s way. I came up with a schedule, and after we started sticking to it things got way better. If you don’t already have a one, I highly recommend it! If only one spouse works, your schedule might look different, but you should still make some time \where each person gets a break. For example, if you your spouse works during the day and you have the kids, assign them an hour at night where they’re in charge and you go lock yourself in a room ;). I know it’s tough – trust me, our house is tiny – but if you can do it, it will help SO much!

If you are single, I think having a schedule for you and your kids will still really help. I know when I’ve got the girls by myself for long periods of time, a schedule helps all of us stay sane.

You can automatically download the excel file by clicking here.

Here’s what our’s looks like on an average day:

Having this schedule really helps me be more intentional and more productive, which in turn makes me feel better about life right now. When I’m with the girls, I try to really play with them and plan fun activities with my phone put away, knowing I can catch up on my phone/emails when it’s my turn to “work”. I’ve also made a list of regular household tasks as wells as bigger house projects I want to get done, and will try to use a little time every day to work on those.

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I hope this somehow helps! Download the template and tweak it to what you need.