I can’t believe October has creeped in!  I wish the weather here matched how I’m feeling – I’ve been seeing pictures of the fall leaves with lots of envy.  I think Blake is really sick of me saying how much I want to be in the mountains right now, but I can’t help it.  I feel like living in California always puts me behind on the holidays.  It just doesn’t seem right to put up Halloween decorations and plan out costumes when it’s so hot!  Last year, our pumpkins literally  melted on our porch.

That being said, we did have fun at the beach this weekend – Lo actually body surfed some waves!  Which is a big deal if you know Frenchie’s typical swimming abilities.  I actually got a tan and then went home, cranked up the AC, and made some yummy soup, so I guess we’re making due ;).

I actually wore this outfit a few days ago, but I’m so happy I slacked on posting it because the top is now on sale!  And it’s such a good top, I love the print.  It can actually be worn as a dress as well – as long as it’s not a windy day ;).  Nordstrom | Palms to Pines | 'Magic Mystery' Tunic Top FREE PEOPLENordstrom | Palms to Pines-8Nordstrom | Palms to Pines | Beek Egret ShoesNordstrom | Palms to Pines-10Nordstrom | Palms to Pines-12

Printed Tunic Top (25% off!) | Destructed Ankle Jeans (39% off!) | Leather Slip-on Shoes | Yellow Crossbody Purse | Sunglasses | Gold Rings

Happy Monday!