Preparing to Transition the Babies to their Own Room

Transitioning from bassinet to crib
Ok – so I’m admittedly having a hard time moving the girls into their own room at night. At first I thought it was just because I’m still traumatized from the girls spending their first three months in the hospital. Leaving them at night was one of very hardest parts about that whole experience. I just wished and wished for the first night I’d have them in our room with us to come, and there…
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The Big Fix

Dr. Scott Harris | Dental Before and After | Impacted Tooth, Receding Gums
So I think everyone has that one thing they’re the most self conscious about, right? For me, it’s always been this one stupid tooth! I literally think about it every time I talk to someone, and it’s the first thing I notice in photos of myself. At work, I would find myself trying not to smile unless my head was turned to cover that tooth! This Freakin’ Tooth… I’ll spare you the long story, but…
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Urban Outfitters | 40% off Home Sale

Palms to Pines Nursery Reveal | Romy and Piper | Twin Girls Bohemian Tropical Nursery
Urban Outfitters is having a HUGE home sale where everything is up to 40% off, and so many things I used (and love!) in Romy and Piper’s nursery are part of it! Scroll down to see what’s on sale from their room… Wallpaper | Cribs | Rug | Wooden Stools | Macrame Mobiles | Moon Mirror | Organic Crib Sheets | Cactus Pillow | Round Velvet Pillow | Llama Pillow | Fleece Throw Pillow | Corduroy Floor Pillow | White Floating Shelves | Curtain Rod | Glass Finials (on ends of curtain rod) | Curtains | Bamboo Chandelier | Straw Basket Pillows There are so many good pillows on sale!…
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Fawn Diaper Bag Sale

Fawn Design Diaper Bags | Best Diaper Bag
Guys! One of our favorite diaper bags is on sale today in a big way, so I wanted to share! Because if I was on the hunt for a diaper bag, I’d be pretty bummed to miss this one ;). If you are looking, you’ve probably heard the buzz around Fawn bags. Blake and I both have a bag and we love them – he has the Pack and I have the Original. He actually…
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Teething Recommendations

Teething Tips | Homeopathic Teething Remedies
So the girls are officially teething! When they first started, I was in denial because it felt so early. I’d also been dreading teething, because I knew things would get tougher for all of us. I think a lot of people didn’t actually believe me, but I knew their teeth were close. Sure enough, after a couple weeks of struggle, Romy’s two bottom teeth poked through. The very next day, Piper’s came through! Must be…
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Taking the Babies to Humboldt

Visiting Grandma | Palms to Pines
The babies had their first flight, and were able to meet my Grandma for the first time! I can’t even explain how much this trip meant to me. I’m posting it on here for no reason other than to document it in some way. And also to remind all of us how special and important these moments are, because it’s easy to forget. It wasn’t easy getting there – flights are so expensive that we…
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Easter Sunday 2018 at the Montage

Easter Brunch at the Montage in Laguna Beach - Orange County
The past few years, Blake and I have spent Easter on our own. I hate spending holidays away from family, so you can imagine how excited I was this year when I realized that not only was it our first Easter with Romy and Piper, but my sister and her family would be in town for it! And an added bonus – it also happened to fall on my sister’s birthday! She’s an April Fools’…
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Some Wallpaper Inspiration | 25% off!

Palms to Pines Nursery Reveal | Romy and Piper | Twin Girls Bohemian Tropical Nursery
So last week I posted about the girls’ nursery, and I’ve had a lot of people ask where the inspiration for the room came from. To be totally honest, it all started with the wallpaper! When I first saw this wallpaper, I knew it was what I wanted in the nursery, and it was so fun to build the room from there – from the paint color for the rest of the walls, the rug,…
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SNOO Review: Just Get It

Romy and Piper | SNOO Bassinet Review | Best Baby Bassinet
When people see us with the twins, we can always count on a few reactions. Lots of people want to know how we ended up with twins (Was it IVF? Do they run in your family? If you’re wondering the same thing, you can find answers to questions like these here.) Another question we get all of the time is, “Oh my gosh, are you SO TIRED?” We always look at each other, laugh and…
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Celebrating International Women’s Day with Beek

beek by two birds
Yesterday, I got to celebrate International Women’s Day with some of my very favorite local women. It was such an incredible day that I wanted to share it on here, partly to remember it and the things I learned and partly to tell you about some things I just really love! The first thing I love: The Hydration Room. I’ve posted about it before on here, but you just need to go in and see…
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