I’m a long-time lover of Gorjana, so I was excited to be featured in their Mother’s Day Campaign. See below for the little interview we did together and links to some of my favorite pieces.

  • Your most rewarding moment as a mom Right now my girls are at such a fun age (18 months) where they are learning so much! So lately, it’s been so rewarding for me whenever the girls do new things or say new words. Hearing them say, “Hi, Mama!” gets me every time. It’s so fun to watch them figure out the world around them, and I honestly love reliving childhood through their eyes. Having them around makes everything so much more fun! And a lot more work, too ;). I’m still waiting for the day that they’re old enough to sit and watch all of my favorite Disney movies with me…
Piper’s Yellow Romper | Romy’s Tan Romper | My White Romper
  • Any tips for juggling work and being a mom? Prioritizing through time blocking! It really helps me to be present I’m with them and productive when they’re napping or with someone else. But give yourself some grace, too! It’s hard being a mom and working, and it’s easy to feel inadequate when you’re trying to do both.
  • What did you have engraved on your bespoke piece? I had the girls names engraved on a necklace and their initials on a ring. Seems like an obvious thing, but I love their names (duh, I chose them) and love how perfectly they fit the girls. My whole pregnancy the girls were “Baby A” and “Baby B”, so it felt really good when they were born to finally know who was who!
  • How are you celebrating this year? The day before Mother’s Day we are participating in the annual March for Babies through March of Dimes, and we are SO excited about it! I think that will be the perfect way to celebrate Mothers in general and especially being Romy and PIper’s mother since it’s a cause very close to our hearts. On actually Mother’s Day, I’m hoping we can have breakfast at home together and sneak in some beach time if it’s nice out!
Piper’s Yellow Romper | Romy’s Tan Romper | My White Romper
  • Biggest mom fail / humbling mom story? Oh gosh, there are so many! Like a couple of weeks ago, when Romy fell face first on a driveway and walked around with a scab on her forehead for a week. Or the other day when we were at the park and Piper choked on a snack and threw up – I didn’t even have a wipe with me or an extra set of clothes, so there was nothing I could do about it! At the end of the day, these are all small things and I try to be proud of myself for keeping two babies alive :). Not to get too heavy, but my babies were born so early that it was hard in the beginning to not feel like I’d failed them by not being able to carry them inside of me for longer. Since then, I’ve had to learn a lot about giving myself space and grace and realize that we all do the best we can!
Piper’s Yellow Romper | Romy’s Tan Romper | My White Romper

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