A lot of readers were asking about where we got our Disney apparel, so I decided to throw up a post to share some of my favorites. While you can find some really cute stuff in the park, it can be pricey and the fits usually aren’t great. There’s so much good Disney stuff to be found at places I love to shop normally, and if you’re wanting to wear Disney stuff to the park it’s kind of nice to just have it ahead of time and not worry about shopping when you get there!

One of my very favorite places to get cute (not cheesy) Disney apparel is Zara! They have so much good stuff and it ships fast, so even if you forget to order it until a few days before your trip (story of my life) you’ll be ok! There are a couple of super cute Minnie sweaters in baby sizes here and here. For bigger kids, I’m obsessed with this sweatshirt dress, the bodysuit and shoes my nieces were wearing, and this sweatshirt my niece has.

Cute Disney Outfits

Mickey Mouse Bodysuit | Mickey Mouse Denim Overall Dress | Mickey and Minnie Patent Leather Sneakers | Minnie Ears

Cute Disney Outfits

Cute Disney OutfitsCute Disney Outfits

Mickey Mouse Bodysuit | Mickey Mouse Denim Overall Dress | Mickey and Minnie Patent Leather Sneakers | Minnie Ears

The ears the girls are wearing above my sister bought for them in the park, but you can buy the same ones online here if you want them ahead of time!

Gap also has a ton of cute Disney stuff for babies and kids. I love this pink Minnie sweater dress, this cardigan sweater (a good one for boys!), and these shiny red high top sneakers with Minnie on them kill me! For adults, I love this simple white muscle tank with Mickey in black and this pullover sweatshirt.

Target has a few good things, and is always a great last minute option if you have a Target close by ;). My mom bought the girls a couple cute Minnie tee shirts there (this one and this one, both $7.99). I also like this set of two onesies (perfect if you have twins, too!), this Minnie and Daisy “besties” shirt, and this vintage-looking Mickey print sweatshirt tee (great for girls or boys!)

If you’re looking for yourself, I found some great adult stuff! I love love this sweatshirt, this simple grey Mickey sweatshirtthis vintage looking tee with all the best characters, or this simple Mickey tee from Madewell.

Cute Disney Outfits

Let me know what other cute Disney stuff you’ve found!