Ok, so deciding on a monitor has been a long process for me, considering I started looking when I was first pregnant and now my babies are 8 months old. But we FINALLY settled on an option I love, so obviously now I also love telling people about it ;).

The fact that we were having twins made things a bit more complicated – I either needed two separate monitors, a monitor with two cameras and a split screen option, or a camera that could somehow be high quality enough to show both babies at the same time. I won’t take you through the whole process, but every time I settled on one I either found or heard something I didn’t like about it. (Like it was bad quality, not secure, etc. etc.)Nest Cam - Palms to Pines | Best Baby Monitor for TwinsWell, we finally moved the girls into their own room, so I knew it was time to finally decide on a monitor. Our house is small so I can usually hear them if they wake up, but I wanted something that would allow me to see them. I also wanted something that would give me an added sense of safety without having to go in to check on them, risking waking them up. Here are the reasons why I ultimately chose Nest Cam IQ indoor (and why I’m loving it so far!):

  • There are so many possibilities to build out your kit with additional cameras, home security, thermostats, etc. We also got the Nest Secure and put a sensor on the girls’ bedroom window, so if someone opens their window the alarm will sound.
  • The camera quality is amazing! We mounted it on the wall in a spot where we can see both girls really well. It zooms in when it notices motion or I can manually zoom in to check on either girl. The quality is really high so when you zoom it still looks really clear.Nest Cam - Palms to Pines | Best Baby Monitor for Twins
  • Even the night vision is really high quality – I can even zoom in on them to make sure they’re breathing ;).Nest Cam - Palms to Pines | Best Baby Monitor for Twins
  • The camera has face recognition, so we know who’s been in and out of the room. It also knows that Lo is a dog, so we don’t get alerted every time she walks past ;).
  • There’s a microphone on the camera so we can talk to the girls if we want to – even when we aren’t home!
  • It works via an app (through wireless) so we can view it on our phones and get notifications. We can also see what the camera is seeing when we are away from the house! (We dedicated an old iPad to be the monitor when we are home – if we keep the app open it just works like any regular video monitor would! That way we don’t have to keep the app open on our phones.) Nest Cam - Palms to Pines | Best Baby Monitor for Twins
  • It has alert playback for the last three hours of activity, or you can sign up for Nest Aware and get continuous playback (we did this and love it – it’s only $5/month!)
  • I love the way it looks, and come on – that’s important! We mounted it to the wall so that the cord is hidden behind the curtain and it’s perfect! If we didn’t need to see both babies, we could have also easily just set it on a dresser or shelf – it also looks great like that!Nest Cam - Palms to Pines | Best Baby Monitor for Twins
  • It has built-in Google Assistant. And that’s just cool ;).

Nest Cam - Palms to Pines | Best Baby Monitor for Twins

I’m super happy with the Nest as a baby monitor, and now having so much fun as we explore building out our system with the other options available. I also kind of feel like we killed two birds with one stone, as I’d been begging Blake to get an alarm system for the house now that we have the girls. Blake is setting up the Nest Cam IQ outdoor and I’m so excited!! Let me know in the comments or via email if you have any questions, either about using Nest Cam IQ indoor as a monitor or about Nest in general!