We spent last weekend in Southern Utah with Blake’s family.  We stayed in St. George, and spent time adventuring in National and State Parks nearby, namely Zion National Park and Snow Canyon.  Blake already posted about our experience canyoneering in Pine Creek, which was so amazing — if you haven’t seen that post, you need to check it out!

Aside from Pine Creek, there are lots of other things to do in Zion.  One of my favorite things to do, and one of the best things to do for first-timers (and mellow hikers) is to hike the Canyon Overlook trail.  The overlook is my easily my favorite view in Zion!  We hiked it on a rainy day, which made it even more beautiful to me.  And we got dumped on heading back to the car, which was kind of exciting!  Nothing like a good desert thunderstorm ;).

Zion Canyon Overlook-1 Zion Canyon Overlook-51 Zion Canyon Overlook-47 Zion Canyon Overlook-44 Zion Canyon Overlook-34 Zion Canyon Overlook-24 Zion Canyon Overlook-18 Zion Canyon Overlook-11 Zion Canyon Overlook-30 Zion Canyon Overlook-16 Zion Canyon Overlook-9 Zion Canyon Overlook-5

We also took a day to explore Snow Canyon a bit.  This is a great place to bike (Blake’s dad and brothers biked it one day as well) but we took Blake’s brother’s little girls (Vivian & Charlotte) there to hike and climb around (which they were so good at!) and play in the sand dunes.

Snow Canyon-12 Snow Canyon-45 Snow Canyon-47

(Steven striking a pose – we were cracking up!)
Snow Canyon-22 Snow Canyon-39 Snow Canyon-50 Snow Canyon-61

(How cute is our niece, Charlie?!)Snow Canyon-83

If you’ve never been to Zion, or Southern Utah in general, it’s definitely worth the trip.  People travel from all over the world to see it’s unique beauty, and there’s really nothing quite like it.



 Jen’s Wearing: Tank, Leggings, Running Shorts, Jacket, Trail Running Shoes

Blake’s Wearing: T-Shirt, Shorts, New Balance Minimus Shoes