This past weekend was such a good one for Blake and I.  We spent the whole weekend at the beach, ate good food, caught up on some sleep (at least I did, Blake was getting up early to try and catch some waves!), and witnessed some amazing sunsets.

Friday night we finally tried Pizzeria Mozza in Newport, I’d been wanting to go forever.  My conclusion: it’s just ok.  The food is good, but in my opinion not worth the price.  Sorry, Mozza :/.  Maybe someday I’ll give it another shot and change my mind.  As of now, I’d choose Settebello over Mozza any day – better food for a better price.

Friday night laying in bed we also discovered the app “Dubsmash“.  The app is free, but worth at least $3.99 ;).  I was dying laughing, I couldn’t stop making Blake do it with me.  He liked it, but didn’t think it was quite as funny as I did.  At least he humored me, right?!  He might kill me for posting these, but oh well…here are a few of my favorites:


Saturday we went to Strands Beach.  It was 80 degrees, so pretty much perfect.  Our friend Lisa brought some Baja Fish Tacos to the beach and we watched some pretty big waves crashing close to shore, played in the sand, and a little bit in the water.imageimageSwimsuit top ~ My Sunglasses ~ Blake’s Sunglasses ~ Necklace

imageSunday we couldn’t help ourselves – we went back to the beach for tinfoil dinners and another sunset.  We do tinfoil dinners so much around here, I can’t believe I haven’t posted some of our recipes yet!  I’ll have to do that soon.  The colors of the night were so unreal – we couldn’t help but take out the camera and try to capture them.imageimageimage

Sweater ~ Shorts ~ Blanket

I’m loving this new sweater from Gentle Fawn that Syd and I both just received.  Super soft and comfy!  It’s already on a regular rotation for me, and perfect for casual evenings at the beach.


Hope you’ve all had a good start to your week!