We’ve had this piece up in our home for a while now, and we love it. I’ve had lots of questions about it when it shows up in videos that I post, and I was thinking that it might give someone a great idea for a Christmas gift so I wanted to share it here!


If there’s someone that you want to get something special for and are stumped on what to get, I think a piece of art is such a good idea! It’s something everyone wants in their home, but it’s hard to justify spending money on it yourself. I stumbled upon this particular artist, Emily Tingey, last year and I LOVE her work. It’s hard to explain because her paintings are somewhat abstract, but I love that they make me feel something. I hadn’t understood that as much before I saw this particular painting of hers (that’s another post for another day – we also have a print in our home now and I love it!

This particular piece by Emily is called Breathing Air. Photos just don’t do it justice, but we love it and so many people ask about it. This is actually the original pictured here, but you can buy a print here! Emily is actually offering 15% off Breathing Air prints to our readers – just use the code BREATHE.

Emily sells original paintings, or you can buy prints if it’s a gift and you don’t want to spend quite as much. I love this calendar she designed for 2019. She also does commission work. Check out her site here, or find her on Instagram here (I love following her).


I ordered this piece from Emily, but it was really large and an uncommon size. I have always been intimidated by the framing process, and wasn’t sure what my best option would be. It was actually Emily who told me about Simply Framed. They do custom framing and make it so so easy. If you have a piece you want them to frame, you just choose your frame online and then they’ll send you the proper container to mail it in, along with instructions. You can also upload a digital file and they will print and frame the piece for you. I can’t say enough good about my experience with Simply Framed – if you ever need something custom framed you’ll love them!

I decided on this frame, and here’s how it looks up close:


I have another piece from Emily I want to share, but wanted to get this post up for those who have asked and to give you another gift idea.