Fall Home Lookbook: Relaxed Ranch

Walmart Home Fall Relaxed Ranch, stucco fireplace
I couldn’t believe it when Walmart Home’s fall lookbook came out and it was called “Relaxed Ranch”…that’s definite #goals for me!! Exactly how I want my house to feel this fall! I have been on the hunt for chairs to go in front of this fireplace for almost a year, but was overwhelmed by the prices of the ones I liked. When I was browsing the lookbook, I saw these and thought they were too…
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Romy & Piper – 4th Birthday Party & Gift Ideas

Romy and Piper's 4th Birthday Party - Ideas, gift ideas, 4th birthday theme, pool party
The girls turned 4 on September 7th, and leading up to that day I was back and forth on whether or not I would have a birthday party for them. I couldn’t believe that we were seemingly in the same place we’d been the year before – with so many of our friends coming down with what we were sure was the Delta variant and feeling like a party might not be the best idea.…
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Give me alllll the Guests: Hosting with Walmart Home!

Walmart Home | Palms to Pines | Guest Room
It makes me so happy that people are back to traveling, because that inevitably means I’m back to hosting them! If you know me, you know that I love having people in my home. I live for it! And it’s a running joke in my family that I have someone staying here more than not, whether it’s family or close friends. I’ve always wanted my home to be a place for people to gather (obsessed…
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New Stuff at the Pool from Walmart Home

Walmart Kid's Patio Furniture
Walmart Home for the win with these cute chairs! I’ve been putting off buying patio/pool furniture since we moved, and then someone asked if I’d looked at Walmart. They have so many good/trendy pieces at really great prices! Trust me – go to the Walmart Home section on their site – you’ll have so much fun browsing! Romy and Piper are already obsessed with these chairs – they like to put them together and put…
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Holiday Travel Tips

Traveling with Toddlers is tough. First of all, if you’re traveling with babies under a year, read this post! If your babies have gotten older and you’ve got toddlers on your hands like me, here are some things that have helped me every trip: Do laundry ahead of time. Packing is SO stressful if you’re trying to laundry at the same time! Catch up on all of your laundry (as much as you can) in…
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Exclusive Sweater Sale @ Knot Sisters

Knot Sisters Sweater Sale
I love Knot Sisters in general, but I first fell in love with them for their sweaters. They’re so cute and quality – mine last forever and I keep buying more, so I’ve got a good collection going ;). Knot Sisters created a special code for us last weekend to get as extra 40% off all sale sweaters, and they’ve just extended the code for us to last through the end of this week!! I…
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Rylee + Cru SS19 | The Latest from my Favorite

Rylee and Cru | SS19
When someone asks me where I get my favorite baby clothes from, I immediately say Rylee + Cru. Literally everything is so good, and I genuinely look forward to seeing each new season come out. Today is the day that Spring/Summer ’19 is available. This time, I was lucky enough to see the season a little early because the girls and I got to shoot with Rylee + Cru. I’ve seen it all and I’m…
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Our New Guest Room

Guest Room Vintage Beach Vibe | Boll and Branch
Like most of our friends living in Orange County, we live in a small house ;). It’s a track home built in the 60’s, and the bedrooms are pretty small. However, small house and all, we LOVE having guests stay. We’re actually in the process of re-doing our room, which meant we moved our old king-sized bed into the guest room. That triggered what Blake likes to call the domino effect, and of course the…
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Nyman + Hawkins Christmas Card 2018

We did it! We got our Christmas cards ordered! I had such good intentions to take our photo the end of November, but we’ve been so busy (but really, who hasn’t!?) that I realized we were less than 10 days away from Christmas and I’d done nothing!! Thanks to our good friend Aaron of Wolf Camp Studios/Foxes and Wolves, we were able to take a last minute photo, edit it, design and order our cards…
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