One of my biggest fears since bringing the girls home from the hospital is that they’d get sick, particularly Piper. What could be a normal cold for someone else can be much more serious for her with her lung issues. Both girls are still at risk for RSV this year, but don’t qualify for the shot that would give them the antibodies to help them fight it. I’ve been a crazy person trying to keep them germ-free and protect them, but was forced to let my guard down a bit as we were traveling and around family the week of Thanksgiving. Needless to say, a cold finally caught her and she was so sick for the very first time for the second half of our trip. Romy caught it a few days later, and I ended up catching it, too. We’ve all been on the mend ever since.

Since we were traveling when the girls got sick, we were away from the remedies and things I have at home for them. Plus, I wasn’t sure what to give them as they’d never been sick. I was really worried about the congestion with their preemie lungs, as well as their ears because we were supposed to fly home while they were sick. Luckily we were at my sister’s and she had a lot of things (and cousin-love!) to keep them comfortable and distracted. And several readers shared so much good advice that I just had to share everything I learned on here!

Favorite Baby Cold Remedies

Here are the things we’ve tried and loved, along with the other most popular suggestions I received:

  • Nose Frida. We received several of these as gifts before the babies were born, and now I see why everyone loves the Nose Frida Snotsucker by Frida Baby! They do a much better job suctioning your baby’s nose than a bulb syringe. Although the babies usually put up a fight when I use it on them, I can tell they feel SO much better afterwards. I mean, can you imagine being sick and not being able to blow your own nose?! Keeping their nose cleared out can also really help them avoid further congestion and ear infections. I also like to use their sea salt solution to loosen things up – you just squirt a bit in each side of their nose before you suction.
  • Zarbee’s/Elderberry Syrup. I had never even heard of this brand, but SO many people swear by it. It was definitely the suggestion I got most, including the first thing my sister told me to try (she has three kids herself!) We gave lots of the cough syrup with elderberry to the girls while they were sick and I really think it helped. Now that they are getting better, I want to try the Immune Support to help prevent another sickness this season.
  • Vapor Rub. Several people suggested putting vapor rub on chest and the bottom of their feet. Blake found this one at the store near where we were staying, but I have several friends that wear by this one, too. There are lots of good ones out there so I’ll link a few below – the key ingredient to look for is Eucalyptus, and I also love if it includes lavender because that’s so relaxing for the babies and a scent they are used to at bed time. I like to put it on the bottom of their feet right before a nap or bedtime, and then put comfy socks over the top. If they’re awake sometimes it’s hard to keep socks on them unless I put little shoes or moccs over the top ;).
  • Oils. Several people suggested different oils – either to put in a diffuser or rub on their feet. The most popular one suggested involved an element of eucalyptus or peppermint. I also heard a lot of suggestions for OnGuard from doTERRA or Theives from Young Living. I’m definitely not an oil expert but we are adoTERRA family, so when we got home we started diffusing lots of OnGuard throughout the house and in our bedrooms. We like these little diffusers you can get on Amazon.
  • Humidifier. I think this helps SO MUCH! Luckily my sister keeps a nice one in her guest room whenever we stay with her (even when the girls aren’t sick) to help us adjust to the harsher Utah climate. We have this one at home and love it, it works so well that if I keep in turned up high the girls room actually feels a little too damp/dewey after a nap ;).

  • Steamy Bath or Shower. I bathed the girls daily when they were sick, partly for the fact of washing away germs but mostly because you could tell it really helped them feel better and helped their congestion. I made the water as warm as I felt they could stand and still be comfortable. I also found this Eucalyptus Clearing Foam Bath and I think it really helped! It’s so hard to know if stuff like this helps since babies can’t tell you whats working, so I was skeptical if it was doing anything. But then I got sick and as I was preparing one of these baths for them and smelling the Eucalyptus in the air, I totally felt my nose start draining like crazy! After that I was convinced ;).
  • Benedryl. We had several people recommend Children’s Benedryl for the babies to dry them out before flying. Although we didn’t end up flying after all, we gave it to the babies a could of times at night and I think it really, really helped. Although it can be scary giving your baby Benedryl and it’s not recommended for everyone, it definitely helped their congestion and helped them sleep well. We gave it to them when we made the drive home and I think it was helpful for the altitude change and knocked them out for the night drive. There are dosing charts online, but if you’re nervous about giving it to your baby I would talk to your doctor first.
  • Infant Motrin. I loved what one mom said to me – “I’m not trying to be a hero!” It’s true, sometimes you do all of the natural remedies but then you just need some immediate relief for your baby and call in the Infant Motrin. I think it’s worth using sparingly when you can tell your baby is in a lot of pain/discomfort. If things get really bad, you can also overlap with Infant Tylenol. However, my friend Taryn told me that Tylenol can actually deplete Glutethion, which I didn’t know! So I try to stick with just Motrin if I can.
  • Cut back on Dairy. I’ve always heard that dairy isn’t good when you’re congested because it can make phlegm thicker and aggravate a cough. Cutting out dairy can be really tough for a baby that’s used to a bottle, but luckily our girls are still doing formula and the brand of formula they are on makes a dairy free version. I switched over to that version while they were sick, which made me feel better about giving them bottles. I felt like bottles were really important since when their throats hurt they weren’t eating solids as well as they normally do.
  • Fresh Air. I was nervous to take the girls outside in Utah because it was so cold/dry, but once we got home we took the girls on neighborhood walks and I could tell that the fresh air really did help!
  • Lots of liquids. I try to offer the girls water way more often than I normally do, and they actually drink a lot more so I can tell the need it! They did have a harder time when their throats were hurting, but I still kept trying. I’ve been really loving these cups with a weighted straw from (I only use them for water because I’m a weirdo about cleaning milk or other things out of straws!)
  • Hyland’s Tiny Cold Tablets. If you read my post about teething remedies, you know that I love Hyland’s teething tablets. They also make a tablet for colds (both for daytime and nighttime) that relieves runny noses, congestion, and sneezing. I love them because they babies love them, so it’s super easy to get them to take them – not a battle like some of the syrup/syringe situations I deal with with some of the other medicines and remedies! I also found out they make a vitamin C tablet that we’ve been loving!
  • After lots of deliberation, we ended up renting a car and driving home instead of flying. I can’t explain it, but I was so worried and stressed about the flight – about the girls getting more sick or their ears having issues. As soon as we made the decision to forego our flights and rent a car to drive home, I felt totally at peace. Who knows what would have happened if we flew, but I really believe that sometimes you just gotta listen to your Mom-gut!

Having been through our first family sickness (with baby twins!), here are the things I’ll have on hand for the future:

Preventative Measures to Take

WASH YOUR HANDS – and make other people do it, too!! I’ve said it a million times, but if I wasn’t a crazy hand-washer before, I definitely was after being in the NICU! Most sicknesses are spread through germs on your hands. Just make it a habit, and don’t be shy telling other people to wash their hands before touching your baby – especially your baby’s face, mouth, hands, and food!!! I’m 100% convinced that the reason Piper (and then Romy and me) got sick this time was because of a lack of hand-washing.

Vitamins and Immune support. Stay up on your vitamins, especially vitamin C, and immune support supplements! My favorite that Blake and I swear by is this stuff by Amazing Grass – you just dump it in some water and chug it down! For baby, I mentioned above you can give them elderberry syrup and vitamin C tablets by Hyland’s.

Advice on Sick Twins

Before we had twins, we heard lots of advice about what to do when your twin babies get sick. One thing that shocked me was that people said if one baby gets sick, you should intentionally “infect” the other twin right away. I don’t know if I’m quite on board with that, but I do think that it’s kind of inevitable when the babies are this young to avoid it. Our babies share lots of things that end up in their mouths! To me, it’s almost better to let things run their course than try to quarantine them. I think it’s better for them to be sick around the same time  and get over it together than it is for them to keep passing it back and forth to each other multiple times!

Your Words of Wisdom

I wanted to also include the comments from the Instagram post where people offered so much advice and words of wisdom, both to give credit and to include some ideas I haven’t tried yet but that might work for you. Thank you so much to all of you who contributed, I’m always amazed by what a positive resource social media can be!

  • kelseymladd Vick’s or another vaporub on the bottom of their feet.
  • brianalynn109 Cool mist humidifiers, give them a bath every day (run the shower and close the curtain/door to get it steamy) to wash away germs and help clear them out, use a nasal aspirator to get boogies out, +1 on the Vick’s vapor rub mentioned above, and ask your pedi but a dose of Benadryl can help dry them out – might be good for the flight so their little ears aren’t in pain with the pressure.
  • hillary.cyphers My preemie twins are in the same boat right now. We’re doing probiotics, Thieves essential oils on their backs and feet, lots of water and sleep, and Motrin when needed (because I’m not trying to be a hero haha).

  • katelynspear Put them in a hot shower with you. We leave fans off and just let them sit in the steamy shower.

  • casanvanconnell Humidifier, lots of warm baths, and Vick’s on their feet with socks on at night (also a bit on their chest)

  • gabrielleknaggs Humidifier, lots of liquids, and rest! Prayers being sent for a quick recovery. ❤️

  • rchambers922 Fresh air and Hangout in a steamy shower/bathroom -always helps my babe.
  • megbasinger Love and cuddles. We’ve been there, too. Sending prayers that she’ll be feeling better soon.

  • afleur13 A cut up onion in the room! Also mustard seed! Well google the mustard seed you can make a paste or do a foot soak…
  • madasyn Humidifier!!!!! And as much I hated to do it. Get out as much mucus as you can I used a nose frida! Also loved Vick’s vapor rub

  • Get your diffuser running with eucalyptus!

  • lovatofied @afleur13 I’ve also heard sleeping with sliced onions on the bottom of their feet. Elderberry syrup too!

  • hinterlandhippie I do cool mist with eucalyptus. And I also use the Children’s 0-6 day syrup it’s a homeopathic one for runny nose and cough. Also use Tylenol and Advil for fevers and irritableness.

  • stasamarie My twin babes also are sick. Zarbees cold meds are the best, baby Vick’s, I use elderberry and echinacea drops in their bottles and that’s helped calm it down. Humidifier and nosefrida, I also diffuse Theieves in their room at night for their immune system. I’m praying they feel better, it’s so hard seeing your babies sick. It breaks my heart😞🙏🏼💗

  • carasjones Cool must humidifier for sure and as many fluids as you push. Solids are not important. Popsicles can be a great way to get liquid in. Saline drops and suction will be your best bet. If you can keep that little airway clear she’s bound to do better. It’s also helpful to have her sleep with her head elevated. Shoving some blankets under the crib mattress will do the trick.

  • staciblau We give my son and whole family organic homemade elderberry syrup everyday. 3 times a day when sick and once a day otherwise! Works really well!

  • ak__912 We just got over nasty colds and vapor rub helped at night tremendously! Children’s formula 24 hour Claritin dried up the runny nose and eye gunk. I was told by pediatrician there is a small percentage of children who have an opposite reaction to Benadryl and it actually makes them hyper. Good luck and hang in there, Mama!

  • steph.morgan Humidifier and baby Vick’s, rub it on their chest and bottom of feet, then put socks over. Tylenol too!
  • anais_asdr My boys have it too ☹️ A bit of a random suggestion but I find putting them in the jumparoo helps as jumping up and down seems to help the mucus move around?!

  • alyshaco Snuggles and love.

  • be_anda Zarbees makes a natural cough and mucus medicine that works wonders. They sell it at target. Putting Vick’s vapor rub in the humidifier and on the bottom of their feet with socks on helps too. Good luck mama! It’s terrifying but overall, germs are good and she’ll be stronger when she comes out of this.
  • sitadaav The warming socks!!! This is a freaking miracle worker. Look it up on google. I use it on all of my kids (baby and 6 year old). Do it with Romy too to help her fight it. Poor baby… they are so sweet!!

  • crow2626 We use zarbees and also saline for clogged nose for immediate relief!

  • sunnnnydays Awe 😢. Poor babies. I don’t have any good wisdom. Water. Rest. 🙏🏼

  • be_anda Also, it’s so gross but the nose frida is better than the suction ball if she’s really congested. Saline water too.

  • samnsmitty Elderberry syrup, nose frida if their nose is plugged up, and lots of skin to skin!

  • oliviadinino DoTerra On Guard (the roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil) on the bottoms of their feet & spine! Also put it in a diffuser! 🙌🏼
  • heather_wenk Vick’s on the bottoms of their feet and socks. Before flying give them children’s Sudafed, the kind that you have to get behind the pharmacy counter. It will help keep their ears dry, which can be very painful at their age.

  • alissadias362 My 4 month old just caught her first cold. I gotta say, I’m incredibly thankful for tylenol. It’s brought life back into my baby and has made her comfortable. We’ve only used it once a day when she seems most irritable and hot. A good pacifier too for ascent and descent to get their ears to pop.

  • nrider16 My daughter just turned two this week and has mild asthma every time she gets a cold (which happens a lot with Canadian winters) I defuse peppermint oil and lavender in her room to help her breath easier. I also use natural cleaning supplies all throughout my home and in her toys because SO many harsh chemicals are in everything which is horrible for lungs especially for little ones💕 hope I can help you !

  • adrianaweygant The pediatrician had me do Benadryl before we flew. It dries up the secretions so their ears won’t hurt and they sleep. My baby was only 6 months and I was concerned but it worked like a charm and he slept. Make sure you try prior to the flight though in case they are the one in a million that get hyper from it. So hard when they are sick and don’t know what to do! Prayers for quick recovery ❤️

  • baylielynn Zarbees baby chest rub, zarbees saline mist and the nose frida (: my son is younger than your girls so I haven’t tried the zarbees medicines but I’ve heard really good things about them (: my son has reactive airways so I always get nervous when he gets sick. The chest rub and nose frida are miracle workers. They also make vapor tabs that are CVS brand that you put in the shower to steam up the bathroom. I used a quarter of one for my son and just sat in the bathroom with him (:

  • adriankaaddy Skin to skin, humidifier, fluids….my almost 7 month old just had his first fever last week and i tried “one cap of apple cider vinegar and one cap of water…soaked his socks in that n put them on his feet” & it totally worked n got rid of his fever for us! Good luck! Hope they feel better & happy thanksgiving!

  • gunnswain Oh poor baby!! We got hit hard here too! Long-lasting coughs for us. We cut out dairy, took natural cough remedies that were age appropriate for each kid, all the natural remedies from the natural foods store, tons of water & diffuse thieves lol. Basically every possible thing. And Tylenol at night if she’s in pain

  • balance3design Dont fly if they are an ounce sick. The pain in their ears will be unbearable.

  • tarynjenks aw poor babe! sending healing vibes their way!! 😘 Elderberry syrup is what we use! Also avoid Tylenol because it depletes glutathione

  • fuelyourzen You can use elderberry for them and colloidal silver. Get the Gaia herbs elderberry syrup. I give it to my infant twins and toddler. I put a little in a shot glass, dilute with water and give it with a Tylenol syringe. Good luck mama ❤️ the elderberry works by protecting healthy cells from the virus and also slows down/stops virus replication so it will give the body a chance to catch up and fight back!

  • ohheytambam Humidifier, zarbees natural chest rub( do a skin test behind the ear or inside of the elbow because anyone can have skin sensitivity to natural ingredients) zarbees cough/mucus syrup is by far the best I’ve ever come across and natural, Nose Frida, breast milk if you are still pumping or nursing (seriously the best medicine!), filtered water, organic pouches because usually the appetite goes, tons of snuggles!!!! Be careful with elderberry syrup. Some have stomach sensitivity to it. Both my little guy and myself have gotten an upset stomach every time we’ve tried it. I would go easy on any Tylenol or ibuprofen unless the fever gets high. A low fever is the body fighting the illness. Low fevers don’t usually need it, unless they have sore throats or an ear infection and it can take the edge off any pain. Hope some of that helps!!! ❤️

  • lorynw My 26 week preemie got bronchitis every winter until he was 5. We used cold humidifiers with peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender in them, along with rubbing it on his feet before bed.

  • indylise Elderberry syrup (and give it to them daily for immune booster) my 13 month old has never been sick and I swear it’s because of the Elderberry
  • shaylindquist When you fly tomorrow — put a drop or two of afrin nasal spray in their nostrils. It doesn’t help with the cold but it will help with their ear pressure which might be messed up because of the cold!
  • katechatterton Vicks type rub on the bottom of their feet with socks over them! Works wonders. Also, the honest brand Vick’s is the best.

  • constant_aquarian Elderberry syrup!! Best stuff around for babies and kids and it’s tastes yummy!

  • alyssa_steinie My preemie girls just got their first sickness too…at 14 months. So glad we made it that far. Elderberry!!

  • jamietoriello Do you use essential oils? My son has a hard time with respiratory issues when he gets sick too..we just spend 3 days in the hospital 😩… anyways…we use a mix of breathe, frankincense, and Siberian fir…it helps a lot if you diffuse it, as well as put the 3 in a roller bottle with fco and roll around the lung area, chest and back.

  • vanam_dantonio I love the @boironusabrand! Our little one was just sick and it works wonders! We used the cold calm ampules and the honey cough syrup! Love all their stuff!

  • jessvonb So sorry sweet Piper😢. It’s so scary and stressful when they get sick. The only thing that’s worked for my kids that young is taking them to a pediatric acupuncturist – he uses a special machine for kids and prescribes herbs

  • misshunter_ If you have doterra oils I’d bring those along. On guard is life! as well as oregano, breathe, and peppermint. If anything Vick’s with socks on.. oh an lots of cuddles an lovin. Hope their all better ASAP!

  • anna_p_illustration I had my twins (almost the same age as yours) with a cold a fee weeks ago and I tried sooo bard not to get a fever! And they didn’t! My natural remedie is to cut an onion in half and place it in their room at night. It absorbs all sickness and bacteria! The room might smell like a kebab house but it’s worth it! Also warm baths help a looot! Just let her be in the tub for more minutes than usual, and pure warm water in her shoulders and head. I hope these might help you!! Get well soon sweet Piper (and next Romy 😁)!

  • campbellcarly Ohhh 💔💔 poor babies. I have lots of doterra oils I can bring over.

  • _morgangrimes Sit in the bathroom with hot shower running! We also use a humidifier with essential oils. And also prop up the crib mattress (aggressively) with towels underneath, then with rolled towels put them under the fitted sheet making a “V” at their feet (if that makes sense) so that they stay toward the top and don’t roll down 🤣 It helps with draining and coughing! No diary either to help with mucus. It’s so tough when their little and sick, hang in there!!
  • sarapietrelli Nose cleanings with salty water… not sure about the name in English. A few days and it will be good. When we left NICU I ised to do them to Nora multipletimes a day with fear she would get sick …
  • lgsmith @matys chest rub on chest and bottom of the feet! And Tylenol and Motrin!

  • mar_hoffman Elderberry syrup!

  • pat_thelawyer Thieves oil by @younglivingeo ! You should put it with base oil to her feet ❤️ it really works !

  • lorynrachel Poor baby. We put a steam scent diffuser in our girls’ room while they sleep with either lemon or eucalyptus essential oils to help clear them out 🌬

  • megamellow Steam showers with them ! My baby had his first cold at 2 months ( last week) 😢 and we turned on the shower and stood in the bathroom with him for a few minutes to catch the steam … also for his baths, I filled my bathtub with water up to my tummy, got in, and bathed him on top of my legs bent up so he’s submerged skin to skin with me , keeping his head and neck out of the water. It keeps them warm and the heat helps with the congestion 👶

  • brittyhags Eucalyptus/spearmint oil on bottom of feet and in diffuser, probiotics (I like rewnewlife ultimate flora for babies), Zarbees baby rub for chest. Sending healing vibes your way!

  • wendy_vaz_ Juice Plus for sure! It supports a healthy immune system. Since the girls are so youg you can open the vegan capsules of concentrated fruit, veggies and berry powders into their food such as applesauce. Also easy to travel with too! Juice Plus has over 32 NSF certified fruits, veggies and berries, and elderberry too!

  • poppyandpineoils Essential oils are so great for helping the immune system. There are many that are soothing and especially good for babies! Hope she feels better soon! 💛

  • judy9c @matys is the best for medicine. We also use @honestlavender chest rub. And the @fridababynose wipes.

  • trufflesnrufflesblog Eucalyptus oil under their noses. (The active ingredient in Vick’s vapor rub).

  • foxy24003 Baking soda in boiling water and let her breath in the steam (kinda tricky to avoid busy hands on a hot bowl!) but it acts as a disinfectant!

  • samanthaaacosta I usually go in the bathroom and make a “steam room” for about 15 minutes. I have noticed that no matter what a baby cold will last 7-10 days -it’s starts slow,peaks around day 5/6 then will slowly go away! It’s so tough! Hang in there! Hope Piper gets better soon 🤗

  • julesvestal A warm mist vaporizer (esp with the weather you’ve been having) and add a couple drops of essential oils. Vick’s Vapor Rub on her upper chest with a cloth diaper that’s been warmed up in the drier placed on top of the fresh vapor rub! Does wonders for clearing sinuses and helps them sleep!! 😴 ♥️🙏🏼

  • ecleary2015 I use lots of young living oils for prevention and during sickness!! I diffuse them and use the rollers for application. I also am a huge fan of juice plus gummies and elderberry. Good luck. I hope the sickness is over very soon!

  • hmusumeci Pediatric chiropractor has been life changing for us

  • garlockfam5 I swear by the natural baby book- I turn to natural remedies first then holistic then conventional as a last resort. It’s good to try and let them fight whatever they have for a day or two so they build up their immunity for that particular illness. 🍋 are helpful. I also use a warm water bottle down by their feet to help disperse the heat away from their head if they have a fever. Works in 10 mins every.single.time!! Go online to – she is an amazing doctor with such good advice!
  • cmurphyone I’m a mom to TWO sets of premie twins and lordie have I been there. Keep them warm and hydrated. It just takes the 7-10 days as mentioned above to really clear up. It’s a slog. ❤️
  • lisalanesbury Speak to your local pharmacist but when my little girl came down with a cold the day before a flight he suggested a baby antihistamine to dry her up a bit before the flight! Made a huge difference… other than that a bottle for take off or landing to help with ears getting blocked!

  • blacksheepfarmandgrill If you can find some allergy meds for their age…I can’t remember what age you can start giving it to them…it will help ‘dry’ them up and help with congestion. And yes Vick’s on their feet and chest. It’s works.

  • oopsiedaisykay @jenkhawkinselderberry && vitamin c

  • jsmelser Elderberry syrup! It works @jenkhawkins
  • meglhamon We love using vapor bath- I think it’s made by Johnson & Johnson. Hope your sweet girls feel better so soon!

  • nessienurse Keep her hydrated and her nose sucked out

  • momsmetalplate Vick’s is not safe for babies under two. Vick’s makes a milder formula called BabyRub, but I didn’t find it to be very effective unfortunately.

  • elia_capri123 Ask her doctor before trying anything but I give my kids Thumuline Annas remedies to boost immune system and fights viruses but I am not sure from what age they can start taking it. It is holistic and also I give my kids influenzinum the holistic flu vaccine. I gave it to my kids last year and they didn’t get a cold but they are 4 and 7.

  • lrearick25 Humidifier! My 14 month old twin girls were preemies too and got their first cold and RSV when they were 4 months old. It is so scary! The humidifier helped so much and running a hot shower and standing in the room for the steam.

  • thetaylordiary She’s so beautiful. Honestly mama, just lots and lots of love and cuddles. It will pass. Use a nose frida and suck out her nose A LOT. I’m talking like every 30-60 minutes. It will prevent the fluid from backing up in the ear canals causing an ear infection. I hope she feels better ASAP and Romy doesn’t get it bad. ❤️

  • dianna325 Humidifier nebulizer with saline. The zarbees cough and mucus. Vicks vapor rub has a plug in if not i use zarbees. Elevate the crib mattress at an angle i use my husbands wedge snoring pillow. Nose frieda and xlear saline spray i also give an echinacea and vit c blend as well as elderberry. I do the elderberry and echinacea blend at first signs of cold. Oh and probiotic powder into bottle or water. My daughter just had pneumonia i know your stressing but the girls will get better!

  • letitianoelker We were extreme trying to protect our twins. Our prem twins got a cold at 4 months corrected, 6 months actual. A common cold for us took a lot longer for our girls to overcome, 2 weeks for our little girls to recover plus a week of sleep regression. Humidifier was excellent. Good luck

  • marysantos29_nini If you give them whole grains like Brown rice, or oats or similar that problem disappear, since i am macrobiotic me and my family we no longer have cold because our immunity system is very strong. A kiss from Portugal #lagos ❤️🙏🏻

  • d_ronks Hylands cold and cough and Vick’s with a bath. Feel better soon!!

  • klynnie8 Ok. Here’s what works for me. Vick’s vapor plug in by the bed, humidifier, zarbee vapor rub (it’s all natural), steam shower before bed and my trusty nose Frieda!!!! My son is 11 months and has had approximately 174820 colds since starting daycare. My methods are tried and true. Good luck mama!

  • casobrizown Elderberry syrup is all I use for my little one!! 💯 works

  • alysssamossa @momsmetalplate zarbees has a vapor rub for their feet!!

  • jennymeister Snuffle baby is great like a vic vapor rub but for babies and rub it on the soles of their feet the body takes it in quicker through the feet also a humidifier and put some menthol drops in and run it in their room as much as possible, also keep the room quite cold, makes a cold usually go away a lot faster ( we keep it all cold like the skandis wrap them up warm and go outside in the fresh air ) and lots of snuggles!
    Hope you are all on the mend soon!