This rad shirt from Knot Sisters isn’t available until Summer…but I snuck a selfie of it yesterday at our shoot, and now i’m considering starting a petition for them to make it available earlier.  Who’s with me??Knot Sisters | Cactus Shirt | Palms to PinesMy skin is generally fine since moving to California – I love this climate.  However, this past week I experienced the craziest breakout, out of nowhere!  I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say every morning I woke up to more gross things on my face.  I started to panic when they weren’t stopping and realized I needed a quick fix.  My sister suggested this mask by Dr. Dennis Gross, and it seriously saved me.  You can use it as a spot treatment or a full mask.  For AM use you can rub it into you skin as kind of a matte primer under your makeup.  And for PM you can either spot treat or use it thicker as a full mask and keep it on all night.  It’s anti-aging, so perfect for those of us dealing with breakouts and the onset of wrinkles (soo not fair, am I right?!)  It’s only $42…so worth it.  I’m keeping this on hand from here on out!

Skincare | Dr. Dennis Gross Mask | Palms to PinesDr. Dennis Gross Clarifying Mask Dr. Dennis Gross Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask | Chaser Brand Animal Print Pants | James Michelle Cuff Ring

Tim McGraw released this video yesterday.  I just love this song so much – it makes me cry frequently, in the best way.  Tim teamed up with Oprah for the video, using scenes from her docu-series Belief.  Tim and Oprah?!  Dream team.  Also, Tim launched, a site that will collect any stories shared with the hashtag #stayhumbleandkind.

I was reminded of this quote a few times this week, so I felt like I should share it.  I have the hardest time with this – I worry that I’ll offend someone, overlook or forget something, or come across in the wrong way.  But really – if you apply this to yourself and others, there’s a whole lot of love and a lot less hurt!

Energy Intention Quote | Palms to Pines

And lastly, there are some good sales going on this weekend that I can’t help but tell you about.

  • Revolve has so much good stuff on sale for up to 50%!
  • Free People is having a big sale in honor of the storm on the East Coast – lots under $50 and lots up to 50% off.
  • Nordstrom has lots of cute stuff on sale.  Check it all out, but some of my favorites are below:

Happy Friday!