This past weekend, I was lucky to be invited to attend a class, the first of its kind, at the brand new Sephora store located at the new Pacific City.  The new store is beautiful, the staff was amazing, and I learned so much!

Sephora Beauty Class | Pacific City | Palms to PinesFirst, about the class – “Perfectly Paired Lip & Cheek”.  This class was perfect for me, because I have very limited knowledge on the subject!  I rarely use liner, lipstick, or blush, but I feel like I just needed someone to show me the proper way :).  Here’s the process I learned in the class, in a nut shell, and the products I used (and loved) to get the color you see me wearing in this post:


  1.  Determine your skin tone, the color families you’d like to try, and specific products to wear on lips or cheeks.  This is where you need to go take a class for yourself, because the process is SO fun!  They have this cool little scanner that they will use to give you your own “Color IQ”, and from there you’ll know what tones/colors will look best.  Then they’ll be able to recommend products from all of the various lines they carry, based on both your Color IQ and your personal preference.Sephora Beauty Class | Pacific City | Palms to Pines
  2. Prep, prime, and line lips.  
      • Use a scrub to prep.  We used Bite Beauty Lip Scrub – it’s made from food grade ingredients, which makes it super safe to put near your mouth!  It has little exfoliating beads in it, so we scooped some out, rubbed it around on our lips, and then wiped it off.  It got off all the dead skin and made my lips so smooth, which is so important if you want your lipstick to look good/even.
      • Use a serum.  We used Fresh Sugar Lip Serum.  You guys – if you buy one thing from this post, buy this!  It made my lips feel amazing, and it’s just what I’ve been needing lately.  It nourishes and improves the definition around the lips while smoothing the fine lines for younger/fuller looking lips.
      • Line your lips.  Who knew there was such a science to lining your lip?  This might be another thing you just have to go to the class for, but I’ll explain it briefly.  Start by mapping out where you’re going with the liner.  To do this, put an “x” on your top lip, with the top half of your “x” lining your Cupid’s Bow.  Then put a little line in the center of your bottom lip.  From there, start from the outside corners and draw inwards toward the marks you made.  This will create a fuller, more even lip.  Then, fill it all in – that way if your lipstick comes off, you’ll have backup!  The coaches at Sephora were all freaking out over the lip liner I ended up with – they said it’s their favorite and they can’t go without it!  I loved it, too.  It’s the Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil by Makeup Forever, and the color is 2C Rosewood.
    Sephora Beauty Class | Pacific City | Palms to Pines
  3. Layer and Perfect.
      • Apply lipstick, stain, or liquid lipstick.  Using this brush, we applied our lipstick starting from the middle of the lip and working our way out.  This way, your lipstick won’t end up darker on the outside.  The lipstick I used (and loved) was Nars Audacious Lipstick – Anita.
      • Now you can apply a gloss or plumper!  We used this Glam Glow Plumprageous Matte Lip Treatment and I was obsessed – made my lips feel so full!  There’s definitely a tingle to it which I like, but make sure you’re ok with that if you buy it ;).
      • Finally, we used this brush to apply concealer along the outside of the lip line to perfect and highlight.
    Sephora Beauty Class | Pacific City | Palms to Pines
  4. Apply Blush to Cheeks.
      • They gave us four placement options – Natural, Romantic, Sculpted, and Sporty.  I went for Natural to enhance the face shape, which I think is the most popular.  You apply just outside the “apple” of the cheek, and blend towards your ear.  We used this brush to apply, and I LOVE the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush I discovered!  The color I used was Luminous Flush.  It’s seriously so cool – you need to just read about it on Sephora’s site.

Ok, there you go!!  Now you can have the perfect lip and cheek ;).  Really though, attending the class is so useful and fun, and you get to try all of the different products available to see what you really like!  The coaches are awesome and sweet, and have so much knowledge.  Here’s the best part – the classes are FREE.  You can book online for the store at Pacific City here.  You can also sign up for a free Mini Makeover, which is another really great way to learn about product!
Sephora Beauty Class | Pacific City | Palms to Pines

Big thank you to Sephora and Pacific City for having me!!  If you haven’t been to Pacific City yet, you need to check it out.  It’s bringing so much life back into Huntington Beach, and upping Huntington’s game bigtime ;).

Outfit Details:

I love this denim tunic from Free People, and it’s on sale for 40% off right now on Shopbop!  It feels nice and thick – like a piece you’ll keep forever until it’s vintage and your kids will wear it someday and think “My Mom was so cool…” ;).  And these white jeans have been on repeat – they’re so flattering and I love the distress!

Sephora Beauty Class | Pacific City | Palms to PinesSephora Beauty Class | Pacific City | Palms to PinesSephora Beauty Class | Pacific City | Palms to Pines
Free People Denim Tunic (40% OFF!!) | White Paige Destroyed Skinny Jeans | Matisse Nugent Booties | Clhei Bucket Bag | James Michelle Mini Cuff Ring | Bly Design Open Ring | A. Marie Lariat Necklace

Good luck with your lips and cheeks – let me know how it goes!!