A good friend of ours’, Shane Bills, has developed a pretty awesome app called PicJoy.  It’s basically a photo curation app that organizes your photos and records the stories behind your pictures, creating kind of a photo journal.  If you’re like me, I take pictures EVERYWHERE we go, and therefore have thousands of pictures on my phone.  I really don’t do anything with those pictures, except dump them on a hard drive when my phone fills up.  This app makes it so easy for me to not only keep a personal journal, but to find pictures when I want to reference them (good bye endless scrolling! ;))

PicJoy was actually recently featured by Apple as one of the best apps, and within the first few weeks had close to 100k users.  Jason Maughan made this little video, and I’m glad I was asked to be a part of it – mostly because it meant I got in on PicJoy early!

You can download the app here, for FREE.  I’m excited for you to try it!



PicJoy | Palms to Pines

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