I never did post the details about my closet from our old house, and it was honestly because I never finished organizing/styling it the way I wanted to before we had to move. But I did LOVE the system I used and have received so many questions about it, which I have mostly left unanswered thinking I would eventually post about it. Now we are in the new house, and the room I originally thought I’d dedicate to be a closet feels like it needs to be something else ;). I’ve decided to purge more clothes/shoes and organize using an additional dresser (and a closet in another room) so that I don’t need my “closet office” anymore.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…I will never have a cute post go up about my closet, so I’m here to tell you about it briefly ;). I honestly really loved the PAX Wardrobe system we used from IKEA – it’s way less expensive than going with a custom closet company and really wasn’t bad to assemble! I love the process of building it out on their platform based on what you need. You can find the Pax Planner here! If you want my exact closet, you can paste in the code 45BLBB. It’s actually really fun! You could start with my design and then tweak it to fit your clothes/needs! Just as a reference, my closet came out to be just under $1k.

IKEA Pax Closet System - Custom - Palms to Pines
IKEA Pax Closet System - Custom - Palms to Pines

I’m definitely regretting bringing my whole closet system here now that I’m not using it, because it’s sitting in our garage! If anyone wants it lemme know, I should throw it up for sale pretty soon here ;).

As for the extra room that was meant to be my closet, I’m making it a fun office with a rad sleeper sofa and space to hang out in. It makes me happy to think it will accommodate more overnight guests comfortably and be an inspiring area to work. And honestly feeling like all of the things it will be bring is much more important than housing extra clothes and shoes I don’t need.

Anyone else felt the need to purge and simplify this year?! It’s hitting me hard!!