I admit I’m an extremely sentimental person, and it’s been interesting (to say the least) to see how it plays out now that I have babies. Especially considering the fact that my babies spent the first three months of their lives in the hospital. Someone should probably do some kind of study on the weird things that’s done to me ;). It sounds weird, but one of the things I’ve become really attached to are their diapers. Hear me out…

In our early days in the hospital, we weren’t allowed to interact much with the babies. At first, we couldn’t even hold them and at times couldn’t even touch them. For a while, the most we got to do was change their diapers and take their temperature every three hours. Diaper changes because so special for this reason – such a positive bonding experience for me at a time when I really needed that. (I talk more about this in the video in this post.)

Then, after three months of that, we came home. Diaper changes were still special, but now they were on my own terms. I got to pick my own diapers, and I got to change them whenever and wherever I wanted – without any IV’s, cords, or machines to work around. No joke – I STILL love diaper changes. Even now with the girls so much bigger (and moving all around!) it still feels like this little one-on-one moment I get with them that reminds me they are healthy and growing.


The Diapers and Wipes I Choose

With all of that being said, I’ve also become weirdly attached to the brand of diapers we us, for so many reasons. Since we’ve brought the babies home, we’ve used and loved Parasol diapers and wipes. You can read about a lot of those logistical reasons here, and how convenient they are here. To sum it up, the quality is unreal. I literally get annoyed with every other brand of diaper/wipes we try, and if we end up traveling or in a situation where we have to use something other than Parasol the babies almost always end up with diaper rash. I love the design, and the convenience of the subscription is amazing.

When we found out we were having twins, for some reason I pictured us making all of these late night runs to the store to buy diapers or wipes or diaper cream, all while the babies are screaming and we are trying to change a blowout. I laugh now because it’s been nothing like that – diaper changes became this chance to bond/interact with the babies in a positive way. And I cannot believe we are close to potty training…I think I’m really going to miss my diaper changes with these girls when that happens!!! Luckily Parasol also makes some equally great training pants, so I’ll get a little more time with them ;).

Special Discount Code

Right now, Parasol is offering 50% off of their diaper kit or diaper pants kit with code JEN50. Such a good time to try them for yourself or order them as your next baby shower gift ;). Keep scrolling for some more cute picture of the girls and some answers to the most frequent questions I get about Parasol…


To answer a few questions I’ve had about Parasol Diapers…

  • They run on the bigger size. So size down if your baby is on the smaller side of the weight range for a particular size!
  • I find that we go through 6-8 diapers per day, which means that for one baby a subscription for size 3 would last us 4 weeks.
  • The biggest reason I love these diapers? My babies feel so dry! Their diaper can feel super heavy with being wet, but their skin still feels dry! It’s insane when I compare how wet/clammy their skin feels with other diapers.
  • As for price, a subscription for size 3 breaks down to about $.44 per diaper. This is super comparable to a similar subscription with Honest Co., which breaks down to about $.42 per diaper.

Let me know if there are any other questions I can answer!