Guys – these babies are getting bigger!  I’m 15 weeks, which means they are the size of either a navel orange, an apple, or a pear, depending on what pregnancy app I look at ;).  Blake and I die over the fruit comparisons every week, especially when they give you fruit that varies in size or is shaped super weird!  And the babies aren’t the only ones getting bigger – I am, too. I’m to the point where I walk in a room and people say things like, “Woah, there are definitely two babies in there!” or, “Oh my goodness, you really do have a bump!” Not exactly what I want to hear yet since I’m only 15 weeks, but ya know….#twins ;).

I’m still avoiding maternity clothes, so I’m implementing lots of tricks. I can still wear most of my normal jeans if I do the rubber band trick, so I look for longer shirts that I don’t have to worry about revealing my half-fastened pants. This terry shirt from Anthro has been my favorite lately – I love that it’s slouchy and hides my bump, but has a band tightens just underneath of it to give me some shape. I think I’ll be able to wear it for a long time – throughout the pregnancy and after!     


White Slouchy Banded ShirtRag and Bone Distressed Ankle Jeans (on sale!!) | Nude Suede Wedges | Nude Nylon & Leather Bag | Sunnies

Check out this article to see the rubber-band trick in action, along with a few more hacks to avoid buying maternity clothes just yet.