Romy + Piper’s First Ski Day

Romy and PIper Skiing | Roxy Baby Snow Suit
We’ve been dying to get to the mountains with Romy and Piper this winter, and we finally made it. Blake’s been joking about how he wanted to ski with the girls – one in front and one on his back – and he got to make it happen! Saturday we took them up to Sundance Resort (if you’ve been a reader for a while you know this is one of our very favorite places –…
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Faux Fur Favorites, Manly Diaper Bags, & the Girls’ TV Show

The girls’ TV Show Ok, so if you didn’t catch it on my Instagram stories the other day, a bit information about the TV show the girls have been filming was finally released, including an IMDB page. And that IMDB page includes Romy and Piper! Seeing their names/photos on there is one of the cuter things I’ve seen! As for the show, it’s called Paradise City and is a spinoff of a movie that came…
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The Inevitable New Year’s Budgeting…Oy

New Year's Budget | Black Sweater Dress | Over the Knee Boots on Sale
I was on a group text with some girlfriends the other day and we started talking about budgeting in the New Year. We were all joking about it, but I realized that it’s not just Blake and I who have been sitting down to talk about finances. THAT was comforting amidst the stress of budgeting/planning for the New Year  – I meeeeean, that’s what girlfriends are for, am I right?! So I got to thinking…
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