Oh hi, Monday, how’d you get here so soon?! ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Because it feels like a bun-kinda day, and because this top from Stillwater is SO comfortable, and on SALE…

Stillwater | Clearweather-3 Stillwater | Clearweather-7Stillwater | Clearweather-4Stillwater | Clearweather-13Stillwater | Clearweather-18Stillwater | Clearweather-20 Stillwater | Clearweather-8

Stillwater L.A. Topย (it’s on SALE bigtime! Or in black here.)ย | Zara Jeans | Clear Weather Shoesย | D’Blanc Sunniesย |ย Clhei Backpack

I’m not quite awake yet so I don’t have much else to say…here to Monday becoming Tuesday reeeeal quick!