My Minnetonka | Gifting Boots and Slippers

Minnetonka shoe style by Jen Hawkins on Palms to Pines
As I’m just now starting my holiday shopping, I got excited to share this post with you guys.  In the past, I’ve give Minnetonka mocs and slippers as gifts, and this year I’m loving their boots.  There’s something about the brand that makes me feel nostalgic, so I love that they never go out of style.  I also love that they’re made out of high-quality leathers and are SO comfortable, but the price point is…
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Early Morning Grind | Captain’s Grounds

Jen Hawkins california street style on Palms to Pines style blog
One morning last week, I got up early, put Lo in the car, and headed down to Oceanside to get some work done with my friend Rusty Spencer.  (Lo LOVES to play with his little pug, Finch.  They are a match made in heaven!)  We met up at my favorite little spot in Oceanside – Captain’s Grounds.  I splurged on a dirty chai with almond milk.  It was amazing, both because they made it so…
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