Rainy Day Blues | Sandrine Rose

Jen Hawkins | Sandrine Rose
It pouring rain today in Costa Mesa, and I love it!  I slept in til 8:30, half sleeping and half listening to the rain outside.  When I finally got moving, I decided it was as good a day as any to wear my favorite new pants from Sandrine Rose.  We ducked under the carport to take a few photos, got some work done, and now I’m headed to the DMV to try and replace my…
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Monday Maxi Skirt | Post Trip Blues

Maxi skirt on Jen Hawkins
I’m just getting back from some time spent with family and guys – post-trip blues are a real thing.  Especially when you were with people you love so much, and especially on a Monday.  But this morning I have a fresh tan, Lo cuddled up to me, and I’m listening to playlists from the weekend (I’m loving this song that features Bon Iver), so I guess life isn’t that bad ;).  I’m also loving how summery…
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No-pants Monday | T-shirt Dress

T-shirt Dress on Jen Hawkins style blog
A comfy t-shirt dress for you on this Monday – because putting pants on today just seemed way too hard ;).  Can we go back to the weekend? T-Shirt Dress | Black Double-Buckle Belt | Black Boots | Black Boater Hat | Sunglasses | Rings Here’s to another week – and to trying to wear pants tomorrow ;). xx Jen **Photos by Josh Bishop
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The Jetset Diaries | New York, NY

As soon as I got this jacket, I knew I had to take it to New York.  I wore it on a night we went out to an amazing dinner at Buddakan and to see Finding Neverland (all planned and gifted to me by my incredible siblings!).  Now I love the jacket even more, because it reminds me of that night! I layered it with one of my favorite sweaters from Knot Sisters, which kept me…
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