Blake and I have been saying lately that we need to be better snackers.  Meaning, we never snack or keep snacks around, so if we feel even a little bit hungry we end up just eating a huge meal.  We especially notice this after we workout – we come home starving, too hungry to even get through making dinner! ;).  So last week, I got serious about finding snack options, and reached out to my friend Kristin of @justadash_.  She has the best recipes, and keeps them simple and easy for us rookie cookers.  She gave me so many good options – too many for one post!  So for now, here’s the first one we picked…and we’ve already made it three times!!  And it’s perfect, because peaches are in season right now!



  • Peach half
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Chia Seeds
  • Blueberries
  • Sliced almonds
  • Honey


Cut your peach in half (removing the pit) and fill with cottage cheese.  Top with chia seeds, blueberries, sliced almonds, and a drizzle of honey. 


Sissinghurst Castle Side Plates | Painted Amaryllis Measuring Cups

Hope you enjoy!  Check out Kristin’s feed – there’s more where this came from ;).