Crowning Tae and Vivian as our flower girls was a no-brainer, especially after they both wore princess dresses to our engagement breakfast the morning after Blake proposed!

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 10.44.13 AMTaelin Jean Hansen is my (Jen’s) sister Tahni’s little girl, and Vivian is Blake’s brother Michael’s.  They will make a pretty good team!

To ask them to be flower girls, I found a card design on Etsy, had it printed, and wrote them a little note.  They both LOVE the movie Frozen and wanted Elsa dresses, so I had also bought them Elsa dresses.  In the end, I decided it might be better to give the Elsa dresses to them separate from the cards…I didn’t want them getting confused and thinking they got to wear the Elsa dresses for the wedding!  I ended up putting a bunch of Disney princess stickers in with the cards.  And FYI, they both LOVED their Elsa dresses, too!

Here are the cards I sent: