Hi Guys!  I hope you had a happy holiday weekend.  After running around the state of Utah working, playing, and adventuring, Blake and I holed up in Saint George again (this time with my family) and just relaxed.  We put the camera away and just had fun.  My sister and her husband have a house in Saint George that we LOVE going to – it feels like a little oasis in the desert.  Once we get there, we never want to leave.  So we spent the weekend eating good food, laying and playing in the pool, listening to country music, playing games, and enjoying each other’s company.  We even got in a couple family workouts by the pool.  And we DID leave for a hike/rappel in Snow Canyon, and the boys did golf ;).  Blake and I did snap a couple pictures by the pool yesterday before we left…


Indah Clothing Dress | James Michelle Jewelry | Rayban Aviators | Boys and Arrows Top | Boys and Arrows BottomsimageimageI hope you all had a happy Memorial weekend with the people you love, whatever you were doing.